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Digital Transformation

We are enabling digital transformation through secure identity solutions for over two decades, especially in healthcare, financial services, retail and manufacturing sectors. Our experts proactively explore newer technologies, insights and trends to identify current and future IT security requirements and address them through innovative, agile and strategic offerings.

We collaborate with our clients to help them create a secure digital ecosystem by :

  • Providing frictionless yet secure digital user experience
  • Ensuring business continuity and crisis management during uncertain times
  • Enabling strategic decision making to implement customizable solutions
  • Developing real-time, mission critical identity solutions as per evolving cybersecurity threats
  • Creating agile yet secure identity platforms to address changing business requirements

Our Core Solutions

Explore our customized solutions for your digital transformation journey.

Identity Bridge: Our indigenous IAM solution

Our indigenously developed solution, Identity Bridge solves integration challenges and ensures effective automation of IdM capabilities in hybrid environments by acting as an intermediary between On-Premise IdM System and On Cloud IdM System.

Integrated IAM
solutions partner

The digital ecosystem is witnessing unprecedented changes due to evolving technologies, stringent regulations and privacy laws, socio-political upheavals and even global crisis such as pandemic and economic depression. Thus, the challenges for CIOs have increased manifold as the focus now is not just on creating and maintaining a secure system, but to ensure a transformative and secure IT platform that can be effortlessly modified as per strategic needs of the enterprise.

At Avancer, we collaborate with CIOs and IT teams and follow a four-pronged strategy to help create transformative, sustainable and secure digital platforms.

  • Understand business challenges
  • Provide advisory and strategic insights
  • Develop customized security solutions
  • Monitor and upgrade solutions regularly

Accelerate your business with our solution-based advisory, actionable strategic insights and customized offerings.

Our Partners

Together with our portfolio of partners, we help provide fast, secure and affordable digital identity solutions.

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