The Future Of
Identity Intelligence

Streamlines enterprise IT ecosystem to eliminate operational bottlenecks
Access control management for on-prem, cloud, hybrid, remote or mobile applications
Periodic Access Certification to ensure appropriate privilege is given to the right entity
Access Reviews and Remediations for users
Single Sign On solutions to enhance overall performance
Multi-Factor-Authentication to ensure multilevel security robustly
protecting enterprise information

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The one stop identity and access management solution for managing your customers and workplace across industries on-prem or over the cloud within a secured ecosystem!

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The present age workplace needs an agile IT Infrastructure – not just in order to sustain, but stay in business.
Technology plays a critical role in adding value to business positioning ranging by integrating various departments, processes and people including supply chains, customer relationships, user engagement, business process, workflow management, etc. Various aspects of IT capabilities are build up together to help businesses achieve optimal
benefits of present age technology.
Technology pervades almost all aspects of life, and business is the first movers in this context.
Therefore, today’s organizations have so much to

manage – users, devices, identity, data, applications,
intellectual property, sensitive information and so on.

Our Partners

As an IT Security Consultancy, specializing in Identity Administration and Access Governance, Avancer has collaborated with various providers to bring an edge and add value to the work we do.

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