Identity Bridge

Intelligent integration, affordable process flow, and efficient
automation strengthening compliance goals!

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    Identity Bridge – IdM with a fresh outlook!

    Synchronized Communication between IAM platforms in an agile IT ecosystem (on/off-prem)
    Consistent User Provisioning and Federation, Role-based Standardized Access
    Audit ready with comprehensive Audit Compliance
    Enhance revenue and step-up your identity management with cost-effective and innovative solutions

    Challenges with your Conventional IAM Solution?

    Digital transformation brings better opportunities but with additional risks!
    Data and identity being the most crucial assets within an enterprise influence the economy at large. Miscreants always keep track of loopholes to break into your IT ecosystem through compromised credentials. The infiltration is on through privileged access until your enterprise data gets stolen.

    Data now is critical due to the following vulnerabilities:

    • A high volume of identity, access control, and information at stake
    • Distributed across diverse dynamic and hybrid infrastructures
    • Multi -people, multi-device, and multi-way access

    The introduction of cloud services puts more emphasis on identity and access management (IAM) for facilitating a secure environment for enterprise identities.

    To break this bottleneck Avancer dives into the picture. We bring tailored services at your disposal through an integrated partnership with you in order to protect your business identities and boost the growth within a robustly secured IT ecosystem. With the best industry practices, integration architectures, and use cases, we strive to support your business goals.

    Our Processes:

    Assessment: System Integration
    Technology experts to assess the IT landscape across industry verticals.
    Advisory: Business Integration
    Trusted advisors and subject matter experts throughout products and solution research, and industry for crafting the right objective.
    Integration and Innovation: Technical Integration
    Synchronous and robust vendor integration to impart advanced technology training for our resources – with proper business and technology alignment.
    Operations: Operational Integration
    Cost-effective, effective and on-demand solutions for post-deployment services.

    Comprehensive Identity and Access Management with Identity Bridge:

    Unstructured data and identities bring forth a crucial situation where organizations need to ensure security for the scattered identities across cloud, hybrid, IoT devices with the right IAM system.

    With efficient IAM deployment your enterprise is capable of the following things:

    • Digital transformation is secure and compliant
    • Establishing brand loyalty, retention and adoption through positive customer/end-user experience
    • Regulatory and audit requirements are met at their best
    • Cost-effective solutions through automated processes and advanced technology stack
    • Proper allocation and management of budget roadmaps
    • Risk management by means of rightful control for enterprise data and identities

    Team Avancer:

    Avancer Identity Bridge goes a step ahead in rendering IAM solutions that back your enterprise digital transformation and help the business growth. We assist you in identifying and securing the most vital aspect of your enterprise – identity, with the right policy development and deployment. All the while, keeping the end-user experience a cakewalk.

    We are enriched with a team of technology experts, operations experts, and CISO that you can rely on.

    • A robust background with the latest security technologies
    • Certified third-party integration and security professionals
    • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, CISM, CCISO, CIPM, GIAC Certified professionals, CCSK

    Get Clarity – Forget Chaos!

    With the best tried and tested solutions Avancer we deliver operational precision and clarity for robust identity security. Uniform, secured, and right access to on-prem, cloud, and IoT assets for your enterprise is easy within an identity governed ecosystem. Streamlined lifecycle management with visibility, governance, and control to a diverse kind of identity irrespective of where it’s been stored.