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Given that the exploits on the world wide web are gaining ground exponentially in newer ways, is your financial organization ready to embrace digital technology fully? Financial institutions today are tasked with building new digital identity management ecosystems that connect users, devices, and internet-connected things (could include IoT). The scope of digital engagement in the financial sector transcends banking transactions. It includes a plethora of non-banking financial services.

Financial organizations have to build digital capacities to secure IT Ecosystems through digital identities check-points for all sets of users. To this effect, various FinTech capabilities are to be integrated into the IT architecture. Such capabilities should support a mechanism that caters to highly-volume business processes. Avancer’s Financial Services Solution allows strategic treatment of access to various identities (including device, users, applications, and resources). The solution takes financial services enterprises closer to highly secured, personalized, quality, compliant and secured digital interface.

Avancer’s Financial Services Solution are integrated with the following set of capabilities:

Achieve Automation

Completely do away with manual processes,
cut costs and boost productivity by end-to-
end lifecycle automation of user identities.

Identity Management

Dealing with exponential identities is
important for financial companies. It can
be managed integration of the right technology.

Access Governance

Respond to increasing security and
compliance risk by strategically governing
and automating access controls.

Business Application

Reduce duplicity and achieve robustly
integration with business applications through a range of customized connectors.

API based Modelling

Achieve information accuracy by automating access to the right record for users moving across systems.

SSO & Password Management

Enablement of SSO capabilities and
password self-service synchronized
across IT Systems & Applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Realize strong authentication through a
multiple layers of identity checks for users
gaining access to sensitive information.

Regulatory Compliance

Create IT Systems that are compliant
with various important federal regulations
aimed at safeguarding Digital assets.

Mobile Based Access

Create mobile-friendly access infrastructure
for easier and quicker access to
information on mobile and handheld devices.

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