Active Directory – Cerner

Allow your healthcare system for enhanced
usability with AD – Cerner Integration!

Achieve efficiency, automation, and optimization for your Business

The healthcare industry constantly needs to be managed and run synchronously so that administrations get streamlined within the unified suite of digital solutions, minimize costs, and improve patient safety. Interaction between a varied range of applications such as Active Directory with Cerner shouldn’t stop you from achieving your patient care or employee identity goals. With Avancer’s IAM integrator integration between AD and Cerner is facilitated at its best for enhancing governance, compliance, employee lifecycle management related activities through automated and centralized access for user identity.

What issues Microsoft AD – Cerner Integration addresses?

  • How quickly your AD – Cerner integration manages new user creation and access provisioning for a new employee?
  • How long does it take to move information from Active Directory to Cerner?
  • How does the employee removal system in Cerner works upon an exit from the organization?
  • Do you facilitate day-one access to clinicians for Cerner system access based on their roles? If yes, then the provisioning is automated or manual?
  • How many password-reset requests you manage on a monthly basis and how?
  • How Federation services for Cerner and AD integration are carried out?
  • How Rights management services for Cerner are done?
  • Does Privilege access management with Cerner is troublesome?

How Avancer Active Directory and Cerner integration brings value to your business?

  • Smart User Synchronization
    Creating, upgrading and deleting users, aggregating user data, as well as eliminating login-related through credential integration.
  • Effortless Implementation
    Enabling Active Directory and Cerner integration facilitates collating all identities using a fast and simple process.
  • Access Integration for Applications
    Users’ access consistency is achieved depending on entitlements (positions), groups and department, access guidelines, and healthcare industry regulations.

Advantages of Avancer AD and Cerner Integration

AD and Cerner integration from Avancer for the healthcare industry delivers the following facilities at their best:

  • HIPAA compliant within a secured development
  • Cerner data is shared between personnel and systems
  • Faster and seamless connectivity to technology within a reliable setup
  • Quick and easy access for patients and authorized caregivers
  • Streamlined Cerner system management for user-onboarding and deprovisioning
  • Easy EMP lifecycle management, password management, authentication, and template assignment

With Avancer IAM integration for AD and Epic, the best of IT security protocols are being incorporated. Moreover, unauthorized access to systems is eliminated through deprovisioning ex-employees and dormant users. Audit compliance is met through the right access control to systems within your healthcare IT environment.

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