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White Paper | Identity disruptors: How verifiable credentials, policy, and generative AI are reshaping identity

The potential of decentralized identity technology in revolutionizing various sectors, ranging from finance and healthcare to supply chain management and social media, cannot be undermined. It holds the promise of enhancing your privacy, improving business confidentially, reducing fraud, and making processes more efficient. As decentralized identity provides a secure, verifiable, and user-driven identity framework, it ensures creating read more…​

White Paper | Best Practices for Managing Access Re-Certifications

To maintain your system’s security on a continuous basis, it is best to audit user access to all applications, and what they can do in those applications, networks, and other enterprise assets periodically. It is imperative to review all accesses to find any unauthorized access or over access, validate accesses as certified or revoked, and ensure the availability of an audit trail. read more…​

White Paper | Should You Opt For Managed Sailpoint Services?

Along with implementing SailPoint’s identity solutions to secure the data and users, it is also imperative for enterprises to gain control and visibility into their IAM platforms by managing and updating them on a regular basis. With the scope of identity and access management increasing daily, enterprises may as well benefit for hiring a managed SailPoint service provider to govern and secure the important corporate assets – data and users. read more…​

White Paper | Best Practices For Conducting IAM Assessments

For securing an organization, the best defense is IAM. However, it could also be the weakest link if it is not implemented properly. IAM Assessment could be the way forward. Enterprises may conduct a review of their identity management platform to assess the current state against industry best practices and identify the risk areas, gaps or deficiencies in the platform. read more…

White Paper | How is Factory Model enabling businesses to onboard large set of Applications?

Implementing a standardized process such as Factory Model to onboard large number of apps is required at technical as well as business levels. While it helps reduce repetitive tasks and manual intervention at a technical level, such large-scale integration enables enterprises to function in an agile and seamless manner, with minimal business disruption. read more…

White Paper | Making the most of IAM Technology in Financial Services Industry

Let’s start with exploring various technological aspects of implementing IAM Solutions in the Financial Services Industry. For starters the regulatory environment – General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the deadline for implementing measures should be a reason enough for tightening IAM in financial services industry and charting a clear strategy roadmap. read more…

White Paper | Why Conduct Penetration Testing For Ensuring Cybersecurity?

Regular penetration testing is must for ensuring robust IT security and adhering to compliance.
Undertaking cyber security assessment is imperative for enterprises to implement proactive strategies for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in its IT ecosystem. Failure to safeguard data or prevent breaches may significantly damage the reputation of the company, along with causing financial loss and compliance issues. read more…​