Manufacturing and Retail Sector IAM Solutions

Strategic IAM support for security considerations to follow through Government regulations

The most common challenges for business owners in the Manufacturing and Retail segment include employee turnover, regulatory compliance with Payment card Industry (PCI) data security standards, single identity with multiple personas, identity lifecycle challenges for third-party contractors and temporary workforce, access revoking for resources who don’t need access, federating access to strategic partners, relationships, and supply chain channels, automated role management and user provisioning, managing access for web-based sites and applications. The fast-evolving marketplace leaves less room for your retail business to breathe.

Avancer brings a plethora of Manufacturing and Retail industry IAM Solutions that resolve all your business needs. Our IAM Managed Services quickly take over the challenges and offer you matchless outcomes to enhance services. Protecting your brand reputation, customer confidence, and your ROI with the right access to the right people is what our Identity Management Solutions strive to attain. Moreover, manufacturing IAM Solution and IAM solutions for retail from Avancer safeguards your corporate and customer data while enabling users secured access to information and systems.

Achieve Automation

Eliminating the manual processes, lower costs and enhance productivity with end-to-end lifecycle automation of user identities.

Enable Single Sign-On

Enabling Single-Sign-On feature for credentials to facilitate quick access to customer information and eliminate identity life cycle challenges.

Access Governance

Strategic governance and automation of access control to lower security and compliance risks by revoking access for people who no longer need it.

Application Connectors

Facilitating robust integration and eliminating duplicity by implementing a wide range of customized application connectors for the retail and manufacturing industry.

API based Modelling

Safeguards corporate and customer data by allowing users to secure access to the right information and systems across your IT eco-system.

SSO & Password Management

Issues with multiple password management are resolved with password self-service and synchronization for relevant systems and applications.

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Without our clients, our work has no meaning. We take pride in businesses we have associated with for creating, improvising, upgrading their IT Security infrastructure.
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