Tying up Access Control Loose-ends?

Automated Enterprise Access Certification is the Solution!

The growth of an enterprise is multidirectional, so as the partners’ and employees’ numbers associated with it. The most pressing concern in such a scenario is the challenge in access management for enterprise resources by partners and employees. To meet the numerous policies, regulations, and maintain the privacy and integrity of enterprise information and identities it’s inevitable to have a close check on the access rights and privileges granted to the users and partners. This calls for Access Certification – so that you have a clear picture of who has access to what and till what time. Be it any application – SailPoint, ServiceNow, AD, Cerner, Epic, Kronos, McKesson, HR System, SAP, Okta, Cyberark, Avancer IAM offers Access Certification with great ease.

Before moving ahead, the key questions that you need to understand are:

  • Who is privileged to access what, and when?
  • Are those access privileges in line with regulatory policies and meet compliance?
  • Who has approved those access privileges?

What does Access Certification bring to the table?

Documenting the access control information is pivotal for any enterprise to ensure agility, and security, apart from compliance issues. An IAM solution ensures that the rightful entity has the access to resources for an effective operational flow within an enterprise and encourage business growth. Access Certification practices by the IAM system are carried out periodically to check that no people have undue privilege to access resources beyond their roles. The validations are then checked by the IdM system on-board. IAM manages certification and revoking of accesses through Access Certification checks from time to time.

The crucial entities in an IAM system requiring Access certification involve:

  • Accounts
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Entitlements

How Access Certification is done?

Throughout the user lifecycle within an enterprise, identities are created, updated, enabled, disabled, and transferred. Along with that, those identities are privileged with access controls depending on their respective roles.

Advantages of Avancer’s IAM Access Certification

The driving forces behind IAM Access Certification ensure that your enterprise meets the numerous compliance and regulatory policies. Be it financial information integrity through SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) or HIPAA in the healthcare sector, data protection laws, regulations, and privacy stress on access control and certification.

How Avancer Helps to enhance enterprise Access Certification?

Avancer IAM enhances Access Certification for enterprises irrespective of their size. By allowing automated Access Certification processes with the IAM implementation, Avancer ensures that organizations can

  • Define and enforce SoD policies throughout applications, users and devices.
  • Crafting an identity warehouse that acts as a common repository of information about user entitlement, application security, and entitlement business descriptions.
  • Identification of incidents of SoD policy violations and route them to the rightful business owners for revoking the unlawful access
  • Certification generation and routing them to business unit heads
  • Mass cleaning of orphaned accounts and remediation of financially critical transactions over different applications

As a result of the above actions, your enterprise is equipped to –

  • Lower time and saves cost through automated processes
  • Minimizes compliance and security risks with critical transactions
  • Identification and remediations of violation time are reduced through automation
  • Automated enforcement enabling SoD policy compliance

Facilitating Access Certification Straightaway!

For more details on Access Certification feel free to reach us!

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