Mesh IAM Managed Services

Achieve identity security goals with unified managed services

Secure and control your digital assets in a unified, scalable and integrated manner with Mesh IAM Managed Services

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Beyond traditional perimeter security

Identity security need to address overlapping challenges, moving beyond set perimeter security policies, to help enterprises become truly seamless.

Shift to service partners

Address multiple functions requirements simultaneously on a constant basis without relying on fixed solutions from product vendors .

Address skill shortage challenges

Hiring qualified resources to implement and manage each IAM product could be overwhelming given the skill shortage in the industry.

Integrated approach

Comprehensive managed solutions focusing on borderless and integrated strategy to resolve any and every identity security pain point.

Should you invest in Mesh IAM Managed Services?

CIOs are increasingly facing the challenge of securing digital identities with swift adoption of remote workforce, while maintaining seamless consumer interactions. The disruption in the identity solutions sector is creating complex challenges, which require integrated solutions and experienced strategic support. A consulting-led mesh IAM managed support could be a way forward. Here’s how:

  • Identify all IAM challenges to create a robust roadmap
  • Get stronger product management solution
  • Manage multiple products simultaneously
  • Mitigate identity security risks proactively
  • Address any security challenges on a real-time basis

The Avancer Advantage

Digital enterprises are facing the dilemma of providing seamless user access, while protecting sensitive data from breaches and maintaining compliance requirements. The challenges are further augmented due to implementation of fragmented or dispersed IAM solutions. This not only makes the enterprise vulnerable, but also creates complicated process for managing diverse products. Avancer’s Mesh Managed IAM Services help address identity and access management challenges.

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