CIAM for GDPR Compliance

Catalyst for connecting marketing, business and security teams to form strong consumer engagement systems.

Businesses are increasingly seeking insights related to data created through web-based consumer/customer engagements. Consumer-managed data, driven through a framework of personal identity and sensitive information needs to be safeguarded. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to do just that – enforcing businesses to take a step towards protecting consumer information by making use of monitoring technologies and integrating checkpoints. This mandates businesses to manage, govern and secure customers’ access to systems and data while ensuring unflinching digital experience.

Consumer/Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) brings a technological solution that provides a mechanism to store customer profile data, authentication services, along with helping to manages identities and securing data across all channels – digital, non-digital and back-end enterprise IT. Furthermore, it acts as a catalyst to connect marketing, business and security teams and forms an essential part of B2B interactions.

Key features of Avancer’s CIAM Offering:

1. Insights from customer analytics to help in business growth

Build a bridge between marketing and line-of-business owners by delivering consolidated reports and analytics around user demographics, social registration and login data, behavior and revenue.


2. Secured Processes for Seamless User Experience and Compliance

Integrate a strong security layer in the entire user journey right from the process of logging to minimize the threat paradigm and achieve compliance with important regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation.


Seeking help with Consumer IAM for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance?

Start with connecting with experts to understand how integration of CIAM solutions can safeguarding businesses, make you compliant with leading regulations and for a futuristic consumer/customer engagement IT System.