Single Sign On

Single Sign-On

Anytime-Anywhere Secure Access with a Single Click

Securing your enterprise at one go!

Enterprises dealing with loads of identity and entitlement information get overwhelmed at a certain point in time. In addition to that businesses need to store user passwords in their database along with the user IDs, which in turn becomes vulnerable to cybercrime and data breaches. A dedicated identification system eases off the burden for an enterprise by lowering instances of login troubleshooting, as well as damages resulting out of hacks or cyberattacks, just like a virtual ID card.

What is SSO and how does it help you?

Single-Sign-On is a unique identification method that enables accessing multiple applications with a single login. Securing your resources with a single-sign-on in a hassle-free manner is what SSO takes care of. Customers, employers, and partners achieve seamless access to their wide range of applications and devices – including mobile, SaaS, cloud, and enterprise applications. And security poses a crucial aspect in this regard. Duplicate accounts, VPNs, passwords, and multiple logins don’t enhance security for your users rather they confuse and frustrate them.
  • One-click access to multiple applications eliminating reuse of a password
  • Fixes authentication authority issues with a single click for any app, and any user
  • Lowered costs for centralized control and secure access for confirming user identities
  • Enables SAML tokens for SaaS and homegrown applications
  • Out-of-the-box integrations are supported for connecting with existing identity ecosystem adapting simple and faster integrations
  • With IAM, enterprises are allowing self-service application integration to achieve more with less using SSO

Benefits of SSO comprises of:

  • Low chances of phishing attacks
  • Fewer passwords and IDs for users to remember
  • IT helpdesk calls are lowered
  • Signing in applications in a streamlined manner

Single-Sign-On brings ease of use while securing your business with one-click access

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