Career Development

Our employee’s career development remains our prime focus

Being in a competitive thriving IdM Technology marketplace, Avancer believes in power of knowledge and learning. Our employee’s career development remains our prime focus and we extend significant benefits.

We focus of various knowledge sharing and learning modules. Not only we stay current with technology trends, we make sure that our workforce stay ahead of the curve. We do that by routinely updating and refining the comprehensive training materials that encourages each of our employees to we have in place.

Avancer creates a personalized training plan for its IAM consultants. The constituents of training are determined by the skills required for different projects, career goals of consultants, and their interest levels. In addition to this, meetings with subject matter experts are also arranged to complement the training sessions. Resource-wise, we have advanced internal lab complete with VMware, pre-configured software, training materials, lab exercises, and etc.

We believe in staying current with technology trends as they are adopted in the marketplace. This is important as we work with clients that have the latest and the greatest technologies. In addition to the training material we have in-house, employees are also offered opportunities to achieve wide array technical and non-technical certifications. This way, as an employee, you will have the opportunity to accelerate your career growth within Avancer and beyond.


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Training & Internship

For avenues of knowledge, learning and possible employment associate with us for an internship/live projects in IT Security.