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Designing software architecture denotes interconnecting the high-level structure of a software system tailored to suit the needs of an organization. Designing architecture is a highly sensitive and crucial task as it influences performance levels, security, and maintainability of the system. Here’s where Avancer’s consulting services play an important role.

Avancer’s Architecture & Design Consulting Service follows the 3C Architecture Design approach, starting from collecting information required by the system to is gathered and architecture designing process is initiated. The next step is to create a basic architectural framework for the desired system through decomposing every element of the system. Finally, curate an architectural prototype optimized through comprehensive use case insights.

This process is aimed at creating system functionalities and illustrations that interacts between various components. The obvious benefit is that it allows organizations to evaluate functionalities, interactions, and qualities early on in the project life-cycle.

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    Identity & Access Governance Solution

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    Identity & Access Governance Solution

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