IAM Assessment Strategy

Best Practices for Conducting
IAM Assessments

Checklist on how to create a robust IAM Assessment strategy for reviewing an enterprise’s identity and access management platform on a periodic basis

For securing an organization, the best defense is IAM. However, it could also be the weakest link if it is not implemented properly. IAM Assessment could be the way forward. Enterprises may conduct a review of their identity management platform to assess the current state against industry best practices, and identify the risk areas, gaps or deficiencies in the platform. It would help formulate an overall long-term strategy with detailed recommendations for enhancing the capabilities of the system and building a roadmap, with a focus on achieving quick wins, as well as moving towards the strategic goals.

Key Takeaways​

  • View current IAM platform in a structured manner, mapping various pain points and challenges
  • Formulate detailed future recommendation, processes and progress
  • Create milestone-based IAM strategies based on short-term, mid-term and long-term goals​​
  • Get resolution based on allocated budget / spending on IAM.

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