Access Re-Certification

Best Practices for Managed
Access Re-Certifications

Sharing best practices, based on our learning, to help organizations in their access recertification journey.

To maintain your system’s security on a continuous basis, it is best to audit user access to all applications, and what they can do in those applications, networks, and other enterprise assets periodically. It is imperative to review all accesses to find any unauthorized access or over access, validate accesses as certified or revoked, and ensure the availability of an audit trail. Such an access re-certification exercise is undertaken on annual basis in almost all organizations nowadays to ensure that only enough access is provided to a user, based on their requirements, and the said user is not given excess access than needed.

Key Takeaways​

  • Generate app certification campaign
  • Ensure reviewing of entire user base
  • Provide specific guidance to the reviewers
  • Encapsulate access into entities such as roles​
  • Flag high-risk access

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