How Identity for
SAP Helps?

Secure Identities within your ERP!

Manage your SAP Ecosystem at its Best!

With a mighty ERP system like SAP you have the power to manage your industry with optimum efficiency. But, the question lies with compliance and security concerns. When you have SailPoint and SAP in your enterprise and want to achieve utmost visibility to meet security and compliance goals Avancer brings you the right integration solutions between both the applications. Compliance and end-to-end identity lifecycle management competencies are accomplished for improved efficiencies in your business.

  • Integration solution certified by SAP
  • Seamless SOD policies enforcement
  • Multiple SAP applications and modules management capabilities

Single Solution for SAP applications access control


How Avancer facilitates SailPoint and SAP integration?

Avancer SailPoint integration enables you import user, group, and policy information from SAP systems and have full control for SAP application management (SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HANA, and SAP ERP).
Avancer SAP-SailPoint integration facilitates:
  • Identity management consolidation:
    Collating all your resources within one unified governance setup involving certification reviews, access requests as well as automated lifecycle management.
  • Compliance is the Key:
    Through detailed T-codes and authorization objects inclusion cross-domain SoD policies are defined and enforced.
  • Robust security:
    Large SAP data sets are managed throughout your organization for eliminating the risk of incorrect entitlements being granted.
  • User Empowerment:
    The HR and system resource hierarchy within SAP can be viewed for selecting the appropriate access designated to each role for enhancing decision making capabilities.

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