SailPoint – Microsoft Office 365 Integration
for Secured Identities!

Identity Security and Compliance for your Cloud Business Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 makes life easier with the plethora of solutions it offers in your day to day life. No matter how careful you are, information security and access control weigh as major concerns. Because you never know how secure the information stored within your MS Office 365 is and who might be having access to all the information? To resolve these, SailPoint and Office 365 integration seems the best bet. SailPoint facilitates policy-based access controls for enhanced security and compliance, which is better than what you have accomplished earlier.

Starting with:

  • Automated Access – Enhanced productivity and minimizing costs.
  • Compliance – Audit reporting compliance
  • Secured Access – Identify and protect access control for sensitive data

SailPoint Benefits:

When SailPoint and Office 365 are integrated, SailPoint takes charge of importing groups, users, and entitlement information. This enables you to have full control over your Office 365 access. The most popular of them are:
  • Policy-based access controls
  • Office 365 complete governance

Policy-based Access Controls:


Office 365 Complete Governance


Office 635 Access Management:

With SailPoint, you get the power to securely manage access control, governance, and compliance for Office 365 identities.

SailPoint Empowers Office 365:

Allows Better Visibility to Data:

SailPoint is capable of discovering and categorizing data using out-of-the-box policies crafted to identify crucial data within your Office 365 system. Thus, enhancing better data visibility across the system.

Inappropriate Access Monitoring:

For lowering security risks and maintain compliance, a periodical analysis of access control is done. It shows who has access to what and ensure proper access control throughout your Office 365 system.

Appropriate Access Permission Management:

SailPoint facilitates audit and user access behavior pattern reporting within your Office 365 setup including other on-prem and cloud applications. As a result, inappropriate accesses are monitored and tracked for better outcomes.

Hybrid Environment Support

SailPoint allows you a set of centralized policies and controls for governing data and applications over the cloud or data centers. With SailPoint – Office 365 integration hybrid system governance made easy.

Reduces IT Efforts:

When compared with their IT team, data owners have more knowledge of their files. SailPoint solutions enable them to decide who should access to their applications and data be given to.

Streamlined Access Approval Process:

For easy management of Office 365 users, entitlements, and groups – provisioning and access requests are automated. This allows a streamlined access approval process for them.


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