AD – Epic Integration

Integrating AD and Epic for the right healthcare
data and identity management!

Avancer AD – Epic Integration – when compliance is the key!

Active Directory takes care of the federation services, certificate services, as well as rights management services at large. These are managed through the LDAP application protocol which stores the usernames and passwords for maintaining and accessing directory services. Moreover, Active Directory Federation Services, AD Certificate Services, AD Rights Management, etc. are also taken care of within this process. But when there are challenges in managing identities across your IT-ecosystem while aligning the business requirements and application to garner more efficiency and productivity. Epic seems a viable option for achieving those goals along with AD given that the integration is done on point.

Do these following questions bug you down :

  • How quickly the Epic system takes care of new user creation for a new employee?
  • How do you perform template assignments to users in Epic?
  • What is the employee removal system in Epic upon his/her exit from the organization?
  • Do you facilitate day-one access to clinicians for Epic system access according to their roles? If yes, then the provisioning is automated or not?
  • How many password-reset requests do you handle on a monthly basis? What is the process to do so?

By implementing AD and Epic integration from Avancer, healthcare organizations can avail the following benefits:

  • HIPAA compliant and secured development
  • Epic data is shared between personnel and systems
  • Reliable, fast, and seamless connectivity to technology
  • Quick and easy access for patients and authorized caregivers
  • Streamlined Epic system management for use-onboarding and deprovisioning
  • Easy EMP lifecycle management, password management, authentication, and template assignment

With Avancer IAM integrating AD and Epic made easy incorporating the best of IT security protocols. In addition to that unauthorized access to systems by deprovisioned and dormant users is prevented. Audit compliance is maintained at its best with the right access control to systems in your healthcare IT ecosystem.

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