Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator

Strengthens the existing IT Systems by improving usability and adoption of EPIC Application while integrating with enterprise IAM framework

Simplifying interaction among various applications is important for ensuring robust interaction between EPIC Applications and Healthcare IAM platform.

Within the purview of the healthcare industry, EPIC is one such important application support system. EPIC allows applications support functions related to patient care, including registration and scheduling, clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and other care providers, systems for lab technologists, pharmacists & radiologists and billing systems for insurers.
The IAM-EPIC Integrator created by Avancer helps to improve the usability and adoption of EPIC applications and integrating it with the exiting IAM platform. It strengthens the IT system by easing workflow through single sign-on for end-users, simplify administration through centralization and automation of user identity ensuring the right access.
The Integrator brings the following set capabilities to overall IT System:
  • Rapid Application Deployment– Collate all identities by enabling Active Directory integration with Epic software through a simple and quick process.
  • User Synchronization Intelligence– Bring together users’ data, create, upgrade and delete identities (users and/or devices), and eliminate login-related duplicate tasks by integrating with corporate credentials.
  • Connected Application Integration– Achieve users’ access consistency based on entitlements – position, department and groups, access guidelines and healthcare industry regulations.

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Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator is a tailored product that supports identity management and access governance functions. It works on all leading platforms and operating systems.

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    Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator

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