SailPoint – Epic Integration

Integrated Enterprise Information Governance

SailPoint – Epic Integration: Integrated Enterprise Information Governance

Healthcare organizations put EHR (Electronic Health Records) at their heart as the entire system revolves around it. As the number of employees and patients swell within a healthcare institution managing user access to systems for maintaining regulatory and security compliance (like HIPAA) becomes a task. To achieve these goals and optimizing clinical workflows for security, speed, and convenience implementing an IAM system with EHR is inevitable.

Avancer facilitates SailPoint and Epic integration in order to render top-notch identity governance service for healthcare organizations irrespective of their size. Be it IdentityIQ or IdentityNow, Avancer offers extensive coverage to establish comprehensive and unified governance with Epic. Automated processes ensure better efficiency for provider provisioning teams. Errors are eliminated while granting privileges to caretakers and other people making use of healthcare data. Our SailPoint and Epic integration enables a strong workflow in offering healthcare services, lowers interruptions in hospital operation, with limited access to patient data.

What Avancer’s SailPoint – Epic Integration brings to the table:

  • Creating and updating SERs:
    While other service providers simply connect EMP to your Epic system, Avancer facilitates creating and linking SERs and EMP records within your healthcare IT eco-system. Moreover, the SERs are updated throughout the system when an employee joins, exits, or transferred to other location the access and privileges are altered as per the restrictions set in the system.
  • Aggregated data gets streamlined:
    Accounts, users, entitlements from Epic for users are pulled automatically and then linked appropriately in the SailPoint system’s identity warehouse.
  • Exceptional integration module:
    Avancer allows fast integration between SailPoint and Epic HER system. It also lowers the time to deploy time for connectors as well as the cost of services. We have a unique pricing structure for Epic integration for our customers.
  • Automated account change:
    When change requests are raised for Epic depending on SailPoint triggered provisioning and compliance events, they are instantly taken into effect.

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