Revolving-Door employees leaving you in an identity crisis?

Revolving-Door employees leaving you in an identity crisis?

Implementing a user provisioning system may be your key to resolving on- and off-boarding issues and access delays.

Identity access and management (IdM) is a broad IT tool used by large firms to manage myriad user identities, compliance, and IT systems.  In this entry we will look at IdM access granting in the on- and off-boarding, request approval, and attestation process.

To start, let’s look at the employee lifecycle process: If user rights are provisioned correctly from the beginning, the on- and off-boarding process can happen in a flash.  To begin, a user identity is generated through a trusted source that communicates access intent via an identity management system that is based on a company’s IT profile and its policies.  From there the IdM system provides users with varying degrees of access to target systems within the corporation.

Users can gain automatic access approval to a system within minutes with IdM; thus, reducing paperwork and certification time.  Furthermore, for many companies, at any point, information about who has what kind of access and when it is given can be easily resolved via attestation, a process that helps establish a user’s right to access.  And finally, as employment nears completion, you can expedite access removal by scheduling for future or immediate termination.

Deploying user provisioning systems requires integration with many target systems, which, as anyone tasked with implementing enterprise IT solutions knows, can be complex, but, with the right experts at hand, a very doable task.  Integration can happen with boxed, out-of-the-box, or proprietary connectors. With advances in .xml-based communication and J2ee and C#/.Net development, customization of existing connectors or even initiating new connectors has become a fairly easy undertaking.  Just check out the connectors available on the following systems:  PeopleSoftOracle E-Business suite, Sharepoint, Active Directory, and Exchange.  And you can find easily adaptable connectors on other LDAP compliant systems, as well.

In our next IdM entry, we will examine the leading players in the user provisioning market.  Please, feel free to share your IdM expertise with our Experts Blog Here community, as well – we can learn a lot from individual knowledge and experience.

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