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Avancer Corporation is a systems integrator focusing on State of Art Identity and Access Management technology. With over a decade of experience of integrating IAM solutions for world’s leading corporations we bring you some insights through our articles on Avancer Corporation’s Official Blog

Your browser does not support theaudio element. Despite being a necessity for identity security, IAM solutions also come with a number of challenges that include application distribution, fragmented workforce, issues with passwords, and many others. Further, increasing numbers of identities, data, and cybercrime have been overwhelming the traditional IAM systems, which have manual processes and rely on static data. Such systems have been creating operational blind spots, security loopholes, and inconsistent user experiences. In recent times, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has been of help and made IAM solutions far more effective. We are deep diving into how AI can help significantly improve the efficiency of IAM solutions. Agile Zero-trust authentication and authorization process Zero-trust approach provides an environment of continuous ... Read More
09/21/2022Team Avancer
Your browser does not support theaudio element. Access to the cloud for running business and managing applications has made life easier for organizations. Undoubtedly, the exceptionally convenient cloud environment helps you identify the data security risks and safely vault the confidential data. Cloud governance is adopted, managed, and regulated to enhance data security to address technical glitches or malicious attacks through identity and access management. Keeping a check on identity-based security issues is a basic IT & cybersecurity hygiene Avancer Corporation, the multi-system integrator and pure play IAM consulting service provider, has built identity bridge to secure confidential data. Besides, the user information, multiple user accounts, and sensitive information are evaluated and then securely stored through cloud governance policies. Identity bridge is ... Read More
09/19/2022Team Avancer
Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Identity governance has become a critical feature to help organizations minimize identity-related vulnerabilities, strengthen their security posture and meet various regulatory compliances in a seamless manner, in the post-COVID-19 world. The modern pandemic-era disrupted the business ecosystem drastically, with enterprises scouting for immediate digital transformation to accommodate the new normal of remote working. This provided an ‘appropriate’ moment for hackers and people with malicious intent to target vulnerable systems and networks, causing large-scale data breaches, ransomware and malware attacks. Enterprises, especially with minimal or inadequate identity governance systems, became easy targets for cyber criminals. Identity governance has, therefore, become a critical feature to help organizations minimize identity-related vulnerabilities ... Read More
07/07/2022Team Avancer
Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Your browser does not support theaudio element. To create holistic identity governance, it is imperative to select appropriate systems and sequence for onboarding and deploying SailPoint products with multiple Active DirectoriesThe key to the management of identities, an agile Active Directory (AD) acts as a map between names and values. In comparison to native tools, it is easier and faster for addressing the auditing and security needs of an enterprise, along with ensuring workflow streamlining, providing business continuity and optimizing IT capabilities. In fact, the core to office automation is to provide a repository of directories that identifies all resources within a network and connects them to ... Read More
08/16/2021Team Avancer
Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Your browser does not support theaudio element. To meet numerous policies, regulations, and maintain the privacy and integrity of enterprise information and identities, it is essential to keep a check on the access rights and privileges provided to the users.While a provisioning system enables enterprises to add, modify and delete user accounts on various business applications, it is also imperative for organizations to implement access parameters as per the business requirement. However, the challenge is to select the right access conditions and ensuring that employees are given only the appropriate amount of access to conduct their work. As the provisioning system is based on certain configurations and ... Read More
08/13/2021Team Avancer
Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Your browser does not support theaudio element. As IAM solutions emphasize the importance of its role in helping financial services and healthcare organizations meet compliance requirements, it is imperative to take a closer look at each one of them and how they can be addressed at different levels.Regulatory compliances and IAM technology go hand-in-hand, as they focus on the same two entities—user and data. At a high level, it includes user’s actions around data, users’ accountability, user’s privacy and data protection. While IAM implementation is often believed to be a high expense task for organizations, it is also pegged as an investment—that too a smart one! How? ... Read More
08/04/2021Team Avancer
Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Your browser does not support theaudio element. As breach of user data or identity data is the most crucial data breach for any organization, it is essential to reduce breach and prevent unauthorized access to such data with the implementation of various IAM solutions.The current pandemic situation escalated ransomware and phishing scams, with cybercriminals taking advantage of insecure systems and networks, impacting both large and small businesses. In fact, the average cost of a data breach during the pandemic witnessed an increase to reach USD 21,659 per incident, with most incidents ranging from USD 826 to USD 653,587, according to a report by Verizon. Notably, almost 5 ... Read More
07/08/2021Team Avancer
How-factory-model-helps-to-onboard large-number-of-apps
Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Your browser does not support theaudio element. Leveraging the factory model approach to on-boarding multiple apps could ensure successful integration of applications within a proven and repeatable framework. Enterprises are increasingly facing application integration challenges with dynamic changes in their business requirements and IT ecosystem. With organizations focusing on implementing diverse applications for their varied needs, they are also prioritizing faster turn-around time and efficient integration systems. The challenge is to create an agile app onboarding process while maintaining the essential security posture, especially while integrating a large number of apps. Leveraging the factory model approach to onboarding multiple apps could ensure the successful integration of ... Read More
07/08/2021Team Avancer
Why to choose healthcare identity management
Why to choose healthcare identity management?Health is one of the most precious assets for people, and healthcare records are equally valuable. The number of healthcare records is way higher than that of the credit card numbers available in the black market. Some people steal healthcare data and get hold of the home addresses, social security numbers, and health histories. Using this information, miscreants can misuse your health insurance and infringe other valuable records, making you vulnerable to financial losses. Moreover, there is the threat of identity theft which requires a healthcare identity management solution to be in action. A number of entities get these health records through various channels, which makes securing them a task on priority. Apart from ... Read More
08/21/2019Team Avancer
Irrespective of the industry you are catering to, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are still used at large to meet the organizational IT ecosystem demands. These VPNs enable remote users to securely establish connection with the core IT infrastructure components, be it over on-prem setups or cloud infrastructure hosted with AWS or any other cloud provider. Securing these VPN endpoints is vital, making Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) a mandate. Well, MFA no doubt is the best way for securing your VPN, as a stolen credential can wreak havoc for your enterprise. Moreover, in case the traditional MFA tools fail to ensure the best protection for your VPN, adopting Avancer IAM solutions with MFA for VPN Security seems the best way out! Challenges with ... Read More
08/02/2019Team Avancer
Growing concerns of cybersecurity have left business owners in dilemma. 80% of organizations prioritize their privilege security and expressed how critical it is to maintain an isolated environment to ensure IT security. Protecting privileged assets and isolating environments within your IT security eco-system is still a tough task. Because, cyber attacks may occur anytime and ruin your vital business information, be it a multi-million company, government agency, hospital, university, or a shop next door. Just like a hamster wheel, as you keep securing your enterprise IT systems from one type of malware or cyber-attack an evolved and mightier one is at your beck to wreak havoc. So, how to get your business off the annoying hamster wheel? We’ll get into ... Read More
07/25/2019Team Avancer
Deploying IAM Managed Services have become a norm for enterprises to track and secure their business information, be it about their finances or employees and their identities. Being a business owner, your client needn’t bother about slogging stats and security features threatening to wreak havoc to their enterprise. IAM Managed Services are not child’s play, so business owners often wonder how these solutions propel their business for success, does their workforce got the right resources, and how secure is their business online. Client onboarding with IAM Managed Services hence calls for priority IT security solutions by maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients. If you find your IAM managed services are not bringing you effective results then Avancer is always ... Read More
07/19/2019Team Avancer