I will pick up from the point where I left – Is Hybrid a problem or an opportunity? The takeaway for me – Hybrid IT will continue to be there for at-least next few years until we have standards, best practices and lessons learnt. For sure, managing Hybrid Eco-System is a ... Read More
12/05/2017Team Avancer
And how to fix that… Lack of control over SSH Keys is making hackers surpass Secure Shell security layer. The SSH Trick is when hackers use SSH Keys to log into servers. Most organizations are inadequately prepared for detecting a misuse of SSH keys. The trick is predominant, I realized ... Read More
11/22/2017Team Avancer
Hybrid Challenges – Aligning Enterprise IAM Processes
Hybrid IT is the talk of the town – Cloud and On-Premises are coexisting and are being monitored, managed and utilized parallelly. The market is moving towards an era where technical transformation will be driven through a Hybrid approach. To harness this transformation, enterprises are required to manage multiple applications ... Read More
11/13/2017Team Avancer
Information security starts by controlling – ‘Who’ has ‘What’ access to systems & data and ‘How’ that information is being accessed. Keeping in perspective the security aspect of information routed via SSH Key management, there are a few important questions for IT department heads to ponder over: Can your IT Team ... Read More
10/17/2017Team Avancer
With the introduction of innovation in technology, a range of security layers rightly get integrated in IT Systems. As conventional security systems cannot address today’s dangerous threat landscape alone – introduction of network forensics and big data analytics is made to capture, process and analyze any security loophole. Furthermore, experts ... Read More
06/28/2017Team Avancer
The Internet of Things (IoT) has started to impact the way we function and in the way businesses are conducted. Top industry bodies have made progressive claims on the scope and proliferation of IoT enabled capabilities. A few highlights of IoT proliferation and market share estimates include: IoT is expected to ... Read More
06/21/2017Team Avancer
Any unknown application, device or IT specific service brought into the IT Systems that is not known to the IT departments can pose a security risk. The risk proposition is based on the premise that these application/device/service are not screened through the on-boarding process, thereby making an entry in the ... Read More
06/12/2017Rajesh Mittal
Owing to lack of strategic foresight or sheer laziness, security has traditionally taken a back seat in IT Systems integrations. Lack of security foresight in IT endeavors can impact businesses in the course of time, thus it is recommended to look into security related aspects from the very start — ... Read More
05/17/2017Rajesh Mittal
Organizations are increasingly incorporating changes in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in order to improve security posture and create a robust IT System. These changes are aimed to bring security at software development stage itself, rather than incurring expensive fixes for IT vulnerabilities post-implementation of the software. Traditionally, SDLC ... Read More
03/27/2017Rajesh Mittal
If we look at the IT departments today, they have become very interesting! It is not just about computing and networks, there is more to it – including IT Security, risk management, access & identity dynamics, cloud, hybrid systems, threat intelligence and the list goes on as we proceed through ... Read More
02/01/2017Team Avancer
Application security is becoming a prominent aspect of enterprise security and a crucial component in software development and deployment. Companies are investing in app security testing, especially source code review and penetration testing, to create a robust IT System. While IT departments limit using only source code reviews, it is ... Read More
01/05/2017Rajesh Mittal