Salesforce Shield

Experience real-time event monitoring and platform encryption

Secure your apps and monitor events in real-time to attain platform encryption with Salesforce Shield

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Real-time monitoring of events

The powerful real-time monitoring tool of Salesforce Shield offers insights for
enforcing compliance. Access event log files, manage notifications and download data.

Performance assessment

Track performance of the events in real-time and access the available data by using salesforce analysis tools.

Shield platform encryption

Get familiar with the fields to be encrypted and fix compatibility issues. Understand the need to encrypt the data and get personalized recommendations.

Meet Compliance & Audit Requirements

Access the statistics of the encrypted data and explore the insights of events. Ensure the audit & compliance guidelines are adhered with Salesforce shield tools.

Improve your productivity with Salesforce Shield

Look for technical integrations to secure your business ecosystem through manual and automated testing services. In the fast-paced business lifestyle, the detailed assessment cannot be carried out by the in-house professionals. Whether it is due to time constraint, work-load, lack of modern technical expertise or any other factor, counting on the advanced security solution of Salesforce Shield is the first step to improve productivity of the enterprise while keeping out the potential risks of cyberattacks.

Highlights of Salesforce Shield for comprehensive security

IAM Solution

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Access management
  • Privileged access management
  • Identity governance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Data privacy
  • Audit & assessment
  • Implementation and support

Security Testing

  • Cloud Testing
  • Application Testing

USPs of Salesforce Shield

Security Suite with advanced tools to protect your data and control access management

  • Event Monitoring to Drive Adoption And Performance
  • Custom data encryption options
  • Accurate performance measurement
  • Comprehensive Compliance & Audit solution

Why is encryption key essential for an enterprise?

The security add-ons for a business are beneficial in safeguarding confidential information while improving the customer experience. With Salesforce Shield, encryption key acts as the advanced resource for the organization with the customized option. The field encryption has to be enabled on the platform in order to protect the user accounts and confidential information. In case, you are experiencing issues in setting up the encryption key or want to add another layer of security, contact our customer support team to get it done.

Here’s why you need Shield solution for your organization:

Comprehensive and definite security solution for apps: Salesforce Shield

  • Smart security solution
  • Monitor activities
  • Eliminate compliance issues

Secure your apps with Salesforce Shield

Comprehensive and definite security solution for apps

  • Automate cybersecurity
  • Digital payment safety
  • Testing and identifying critical vulnerabilities
  • Seek customized security solution

Why should you invest in Salesforce Shield?

Security of users and protection of customers’ data can never be compromised. With the strengthened identity and access management solution, a consistent review and update of permission management controls and data encryption, Salesforce Shield strives to deliver a comprehensive security interface.

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