Why is zero trust using IAM important
in the post pandemic world?

With COVID-19 compelling enterprises to undertake large-scale digital changes, the need of the hour is to rapidly adopt zero trust to secure the IT ecosystem.

At its core, the zero trust model works on the assumption that all the users accessing the system, technologies and network infrastructure within the organization are not trustworthy by default. Implementing such as model to identity and access management (IAM) framework enables businesses to grant access to users from anywhere, a core requirement of the ‘new normal’ of the remote workforce while ensuring a vigilant and centralized security policy.

Key Takeaways​

  • Adopt zero-trust approach to secure digital first companies
  • Understand the concept of zero trust​
  • Relevance of zero trust in IAM strategy
  • Leverage zero trust to safeguard users, data, network, workloads and devices​

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Understand the benefits of Zero Trust using IAM

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    “With pandemic disrupting businesses and driving them towards digital transformation, it is imperative to focus on a fool-proof security model. Looking beyond the traditional perimeter-based security approach, companies are now shifting towards a more robust zero-trust approach, wherein the focus is not trusting anyone or anything, whether the internal or external user, device, systems or networks.”

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