Enterprise Solutions

Broaden IT security through intelligence-driven technology

At the enterprise level, the dark side of technology expansion gets darker. Impact of cyber threat increases exponentially in the course of operational expansion across countries and geographies. The means of disruption of IT systems and information theft are becoming more sophisticated, innovative and faster than ever. The bucket of requirements for an enterprise include bits and pieces of various aspects of IT security. For instance, IT Security analytics will reach $187 billion by 2019 as per forecast by market research firm IDC forecasts. Therefore, it is crucial for enterprise to integrate multiple facets of a business through a network of information interchange nodes. The way users respond to the speed, volume and variety of data generation has to match. Businesses are in need, experts to stitch together various aspects of IT Security in a package.

Avancer holds an expertise in talent search for highly technical integrations. Our strong recruitment team to support can help in technical talent search with specialization in AWS and JAVA. Avancer brings expertise, tools and resources that attend to complete enterprise solutions. Our clients acknowledge us for being a specialist consultative partner.

Highlights of Avancer’s Enterprise Solution:

Secure operations with end-to-end defenses
Protect your operations, customers, data, and reputation by adopting a complete IT Security program.

Bring down security risk through expert intervention
Get ahead of potential threats by adopting advanced security protocols and controls.

Arm your business with right set of capabilities
Customize your security approach to be able to foresee threats and limit the damages with smarter, faster responses.

Get a deeper understanding of technical intelligence, customized IT security to bring much needed agility in your organization.

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