Big Data Management

Becoming Data Rich needs you to become data insight rich as well

Automate, optimize and protect big data infrastructure in the digital enterprise that harnesses technology to make the most of Data volume, velocity and variety. Just the very idea of Big Data sends shivers down the spines of data centre operators, wondering if they have the right competencies. It includes the right kind of databases, storage capacity and servers — to manage the big data.

According to Gartner, through 2017, 90% of the information assets from big data analytic efforts will be siloed and un-leverageable across multiple business processes.

With more oversight and regulations from government institutions, enterprises from across industrial domains find value in big data programs. The benefits of big data management cannot be undermined, some of them include end-to-end process workflows to reduce the time required to solve issues, manage capacity utilization across Hadoop cluster and rapidly integrate Hadoop with the enterprise application stack. It also looks into mapping big data infrastructure to business applications for digital service-aware operations.

Big Data Management calls for automating, accelerating and optimizing Hadoop to support technology ecosystems. Avancer's Big Data Management Paradigm focusses on the following set of areas:

Ingest High Moving Data | Process Data Quickly | Flexible Data Delivery
Achieve Big Data integration to enable easy, reliable and quick integration of varied data from diverse data sources

Enrich Standard Data | Manage Data Volumes | Create Trusted Insights
Take data quality to the next level by making smart decisions and promoting innovation through governance & controls

Classify Sensitive Data | De-identify Production Data | Ensure Compliance
Get strong-hold of privacy laws and regulations aimed at minimize data risk & drive proliferation and usage & protection of data

Seeking help with Big Data Management, reach out to experts.

Balancing vast amounts of data on infinite scale-out infrastructure requires continuous surveillance and on-going capacity optimization. If you are seeking help with Big Data Management, reach out to experts at Avancer.