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Streamlined IAM for high on cyber-criminal focused government agencies and utilities sector

Public sector is a complex segment dealing with heaps of information with soaring demands from diverse verticals such as businesses, politicians, employees, and citizens. The frequent challenges are budget deficiency and cost constraints. While users demand reliable information, ease of access to services, and enhanced efficiency IAM Solutions ease off the stress.

When it comes to enhancing operational efficiency, sharing information, as well as integrate processes throughout judicial and operational boundaries at the same time keeping a tab on the soaring overall costs. Public Sector organizations aggressively require an effective public sector IAM solution. Be it Cloud Based Identity Management or Hybrid Identity Management our identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solutions streamline everything at its best.

Achieve Automation

End-to-end lifecycle automation of user identities removes manual processes, reduces costs, and improves productivity with the right IAM integration.

Enable Single Sign-On

Activating the Single-Sign-On feature for credentials allows quick access to customer information and removes identity lifecycle challenges in the Public Sector.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Process integration and proper information sharing enhances operational efficiency in the Public Sector domain while keeping a tab on rising costs.

Application Connectors

A broad range of tailor-made applications for the Public Sector brings forth efficient integration and removes duplicity.

API based Modelling

Protecting corporate and customer data by enabling secured access to the right information and systems across your IT eco-system for the users.

SSO & Password Management

Password synchronization and self-service for appropriate related applications and systems ensure issues in dealing with multiple password management.

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