Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Solution

Simplifying Cloud based Identity & Access Management

Identity Management that integrates multiple platform under an indigenous, intuitive and intelligent IT Ecosystem. Avancer’s IDaaSG (Cloud based Identity and Access Governance) Solution brings together all key Identity Management and Access Governance functionalities on a secured Cloud platform to help businesses realise the benefits of secured cloud technology.

IDaaSG is a module that ensures effective management of identities by making the most of cloud computing while maintaining command over internally/externally provisioned applications and resources. Avancer’s IDaaSG arms organizations with robust provisioning capabilities, identity intelligence, compliance advantage, access governance and policy enforcement. We help enterprises setup a structure that allows for user access anywhere, everywhere through a strong backbone of centralized, unified directory and simplifying user experience.

Secure Login

Once logged in, the user will get unobstructed
secure access to all authorised applications
through any authorized device.

User Provisioning

Automated process of user (de)/provisioning to reduce manual involvement and create faster standardize IT based access process on user attributes.

Mobile Certification

Access certification for Mobile users that allows robust usage benefits in all cloud and enterprise apps for a secure, flexible On-The-Go solution that takes away enterprise risk.

Unified Directory

For an indigenous, secure and encrypted IT
Infrastructure in line with certifications, role
management, reporting, entitlements, identity
analytics and other functionalities.

User Authentication

Strong Authentication to discourage unauthorized access with policy-based authentication based on location, application and user privilege level.

Compliance Auditing

Gather insights on unauthorized access, inactive users, application utilization and login tenure through adaptive authentication and identity administration.

Helpdesk Support

Enforce self-service requests, approval workflows and delegated administration built within the services architecture delivered completely from cloud.

Access Governance

Gain a holistic view of every user, device and application identity paradigm and establishing critical links between their identity and their access privileges.

Application Integration

Achieve greater security, more efficiency and robust intractability by connecting applications and IT ecosystem with organization’s IAM platform.

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Identity & Access Governance Solution

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    Identity & Access Governance Solution

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    Identity & Access Governance Solution

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    Identity & Access Governance Solution

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