Federated Access Management

Minimize security risks associated with digital information, data and knowledge that is shared among partners outside organization’s IT Systems and Networks

Access Federation is an economically advantageous capability that offers convenient and secure workflows between enterprises, users and stakeholders. Present age integrated businesses have a greater need to allow internal users to access third party applications, and to make provision for external users to enter internal systems. Federated Access Management technology enables organization to enforce identity and role-based access control policies for users outside an organization’s borders. It allows setting up policies to distribute just right information among users, reducing the threat of data security breach.

Avancer brings expertise in workflow integration and inter-operation among vendors, partners, stakeholders, contractors, consultants and other users. Our specialization helps organizations in minimizing identity and access related security risks within Federated Systems and Networks.

Key deliverable of Avancer’s Federated Identity Management Solution include:

Drastically minimize external user related information sharing risk by enabling users of external domain to securely and seamlessly access data or systems of resting in enterprise domain.


Business strategy driven access governance for partners and stakeholders paving way for cost savings, competitive advantage and productivity improvement.


An automated access support system that brings down manual informational sharing and manages non-standard business users efficiently.


Easy access and Single-Sign-On capabilities for multiple access points across federated systems and resources that are organized in virtual information repositories.


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