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Strengthening the IT ecosystem is becoming vital for every business, as information and identity security are crucial for all. Identity and Access Management solutions are proving to be the backbone of securing the IT environment of any said enterprise. IAM Consulting services not only render identity management and governance solutions but ensure that they are implemented with the best configurations for any enterprise. So, for gauging the efficiency of any IAM Service it is imperative to do the testing of implemented IAM tools. Avancer IAM Testing Services brings a fresh breath of air to traditional IAM solutions available in the industry. Because, Avancer IAM solutions are crafted to fit a broader range of services and ensure better control of access, maintaining stringent identity security measures to protect crucial business information throughout the process. Now that most enterprises are moving to the cloud, securing them is becoming a daunting task for IAM applications. Avancer IAM services dedicatedly work to protect your legacy/on-prem, hybrid or cloud applications without any glitch.

With professional IAM Consultants on board, IAM Testing solutions from Avancer ensures that each identity in your enterprise adheres to the norms and given the right access with features like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Apart from identity policies, audit compliance and governance are also well taken care of.

What Avancer IAM Testing Services offer:

  • This enables IT admins in carrying out user authentication with the appropriate access level, depending on POLP (principle of least privilege).
  • Allowing users job function-specific individual access to systems, applications, documents within your enterprise with optimum validation at every point.
  • Generate audit trails to ensure that the existing IAM system is properly functioning, adhering to compliance norms.
  • Enable Single-Sign-On (SSO) to users for accessing resources.

How IAM Testing Services strengthen your enterprise information security:

  • Rigorous Test Planning:
    IAM solutions development is Avnacer’s core competency, but we don’t leave testing on its own either. Our experts pay meticulous focus and take up detailed IAM testing in order to ensure that the setup is error-free to work in sync with your enterprise IT ecosystem. Irrespective of the tight guidelines and faster development models, all the environments like development, UAT, SIT, and NFT are well planned for IAM testing.
  • Functional Testing:
    Though most IAM Cyber Security solutions are Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products that already have passed the QA testing phase prior to release, it is essential to test them for functionality. Custom codes are used to perform functional testing of the IAM product, to ensure your security solution is up to mark.
  • Troubleshooting Resource-based Policies:
    Avancer IAM Testing Solutions troubleshoot resource-based policy issues whenever they arise. Policies associated with IAM groups, users, or roles are tested thoroughly if multiple policies are attached to the group, user, or role, they can be tested individually or at once. The restricted and allowed actions can be tested by choosing a policy for certain resources.
  • Identifying and Simulating New Policies:
    Particular statements within a policy triggering acceptance or denial of access to specific action or resources are identified. Policies with chosen services, resources, actions are tested as well. New policies unattached to any group, user, or role are copied for testing through a simulator. Real-world scenarios are simulated through context keys like IP addresses and then tested.

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