Managed Security Services

Since the cyber threat landscape is evolving at an unfathomable speed, organizations often find themselves in dead-end when it comes to achieving security, bringing compliance and maintaining workflow efficiency. The businesses have to adhere to the requirements of going with time in terms of technology. Responding to cyber risks requires businesses to put together smarter 24x7x365 intelligence-led services, focus on maximizing resource effectiveness and minimizing damage. It is common for business enterprises to maintain multiple IT Systems (on-Premise, on-Cloud and in-Federation), integrate them with the business model, connect with relevant applications and ensure data/information security. Such mixed capabilities are to be supported by a wide range of specialist skill-sets. That’s where the need for Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), comes into the play.

Managed Security Services is designed to serve as an extension of IT security staff. With MSSP, enterprises are able to realize increased efficiency of IT functions at less cost and off-load busy work. As MSSP, Avancer enables companies to keep their IT infrastructure efficient, allowing users, data and application security in an organization.

How businesses benefit from Avancer’s Managed Security Services

  • Bring real-time information security, events & incident management on key parameters.
  • Converting log data into actionable alarms, alerts, and reports through event correlation.
  • Intrusion detection and proactive mitigation of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Tracking and automating compliance reports with details of security concerns & review.
  • Seasoned security experts working at a fraction of the cost of building a strong IT Security team.
  • Manage compliance based on powerful digital IT asset-based assessments monitoring.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Establishment, management, and maintenance of SOC to help corporations in protecting sensitive data, complying with industry rules and industry regulations.


Centralized management and reporting

One of the core requirements through MSSP is management of reporting to achieve advanced customization, increase efficiencies and support advanced automation.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Employing SIEM technology in corporate setup to undertake the security of log data, audit access to digital assets and generate reports for compliance purposes.


Cyber Security Analysis

Maintaining the security and integrity of a business’s data and sensitive corporate information and ensuring prompt alerts to corporate security intelligence of any threat.


Remediation to Mitigate Risk

Whatever issues be sourced from, the SOC, SIEM and/or cybersecurity collectively work for alerting network security concerns along with undertaking risk mitigation.


Constant Process Evolution

A key aspect of MSSP offering is to keep up the IT systems and process, facilitating businesses to stay as close to being as best in technical integration as possible.


Our Security Experts are here to help.

Overcome short-term capability deficiencies, and/or accommodate the impact of hiring restrictions and take your IT security to the next level by engaging with experts.

Avancer’s Partners

As an IT Security Consultancy, specializing in Identity Administration and Access Governance, Avancer has collaborated with various providers to bring an edge and add value to the work we do.

Avancer’s Clients

Without our clients, our work has no meaning. We take pride in businesses we have associated with for creating, improvising, upgrading their IT Security infrastructure.
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