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Should you budget for
IAM Assessment? 

IAM assessment enables enterprises to understand the gap areas in the existing system, along with gaining perspective to develop long-draw IAM strategy.

Being considered as an unnecessary overhead cost, many enterprises shy away from allocating budget for identity and access management (IAM) review, resulting in outdated IAM platforms without required updates, vulnerable systems and non-compliant policies. This may result in data breaches, hacking incidents, maleware attacks or penalties due to non-adherence to government policies, causing financial and reputational loss to the enterprise.

Key Takeaways​

  • Achieve sustainable business goals through secure identity management
  • Identify gap areas in identity security and manage them proactively ​
  • Create strategic IAM roadmap as per business requirements​​
  • Gain insights into latest IAM trends and industry best practices

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IAM Assessment

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“At Avancer, we enable enterprises to create a robust identity platform through our IAM assessment tool that analyzes the existing technologies, policies, processes and procedures. Our assessment experts have been able to create an indigenous evaluation matrix, basis which, a thorough review of the IAM platform is undertaken to critically assess the present system and identify, risk or gap areas. ”

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