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Connectors are used to integrate IdM Solutions with external, identity-aware applications. Avancer’s EPIC Connector can be deployed quickly to enable IdM Solutions to automate access rights management, security and provisioning of users on EPIC System.

E-book | Expanding the purview of Consumer focussed IAM

The advent of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact worldwide a strict regulatory environment is shaping up. Businesses need a close look at Consumer/customer facing IAM practices. The return on investment ROI on Identity Management capabilities must be viewed as one of the best practices in safeguarding user / consumer data theft. read more…

E-book | How IAM Technology brings HIPAA Compliance

Impact of medical identity theft on healthcare providers is considerable in terms of business loss, regulatory penalization and reputational damage.
Since the implementation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, there has been exponential and constant adoption of digital capabilities within the healthcare industry. read more…

E-book | getting Small Businesses to make use of IAM Technology

With the help of new age technologies, small businesses can now be at par with contemporary counterparts by adopting affordable, secure and scalable cloud based IAM technology.
For starters it is important for small businesses to differentiate Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology related myths from facts read more…