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Industry players in manufacturing domain face challenges related to information security, compliance, user requirements amidst a complex IT infrastructure. It becomes a struggle of achieving complete automation with upgraded technology. This was the challenge faced by one of our clients. While working with an older version of Oracle Identity Manager 10g the client was not able to make the most of existing updated technology. What’s more was the fact that in case of manufacturing industry IAM also supplements in driving business.

Challenges/Issues faced by the client

With a user base of 5000, the client reached out to Avancer primarily because the current Oracle Identity Manager (IAM platform) was going out-of-support:

  • The existing system recorded loose functionalities, and there was a clear need for improving the architectural structure and related codified functions.
  • It was also observed that a lot of information was stored into redundant places. There was a need to introduce new processes and removing unused / old functionalities and create infrastructure with enhanced integration of target IT systems.
  • Add-on support sought along with upgrade to 11gR2PS2 was enhancements to IAM processes due to new/changed business requirements.

Overall it was a sub-optimal system that reached end of life support from Oracle. In addition badly written scripts and unsupported business processes required a fresh approach

Outline of Avancer’s Intervention:

  • Upgrade the OIM framework from 10G through strategic configuration of an Oracle Identity Manager 11GR2PS2 environment.
  • It required migration of all the custom code/configuration/schedule jobs in addition to rewriting multiple business processes for better usability and optimization
  • Being a business process focussed system, IAM technology was supplemented with extensive utilisation of work flows and introduced extensive reporting capabilities, notification mechanism
  • The new functionality focused at scalability, strategic approach towards creation of IAM architecture and ensuring stable communication between target system and Identity System

Challenges faced while project execution and resolution:

New environments needed to be setup & configured 10g implementation had been customized for the client need. Migration of passwords and password controls and refinement of extensive notification requirements. The project became technologically challenging as no new systems were to be created, single target systems were to be utilised by – Development, Testing and Production environments. The team was supposed to exercise extra caution to make sure that we do not touch any production data – stay in a silo zone so that we do not create data mismatch.

The project execution approach was focussed at minimizing the aforementioned set of challenges with a comprehensive analysis of existing implementation right at the beginning of the project. It brought the need to rewrite using this the new APIs, instead of just porting through the existing codes. An agile methodology was adopted in order to keep the system flexible, scalable and templatized. The team created scripts for ensuring password management and password controls are properly implemented. Limited change by using ACL (access control list) and ensuring IdM system operates within a particular organized unit of Development and Testing.

Technology implemented / Upgraded during the project:

  • Oracle 11gR2PS2
  • Oracle 11g
  • Weblogic
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (Upgrade)

Uniqueness of Project

For Client: Older system was not upgraded in time – this project necessitated the change in the hardware and overall approach. Bulky upgrade – as no new functionality was included because it could make the system became brittle. Upgrade was successfully completed; majority of custom requirements were met; a few enhancements were parked due to lack of funds.

For Avancer: Through this project Avancer has gained first-hand experience in ensuring smooth integration with multiple environments of OIM amidst limited hardware resources and maximum utilisation of functionality.

Client Testimonial

Thank you for the note and kind words.  It has been a pleasure working with you all and the team has done a great job upgrading our environment and improving the value that OIM has to our organization.  We also really appreciate the quick response shown when issues are identified.

Your leadership has been very valuable to the success of the project.

I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to the entire team on a job well done!

  • Project Manager, Manufacturing Player
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