IAM implementation from the Start | Healthcare Industry

Avancer associated with a not-for-profit health system to integrate various IAM and IT Security capabilities in IT Healthcare System. The client is a large hospital based in New Jersey with over 7000 employees, 500 plus beds.

The Client: Community Hospital | The client is focused to serve the community as a provider of health and wellness services with 567-bed teaching hospital campuses with more than 5,170 employees and 600 physicians in nearly 70 locations.

The client was often hit by glitches stalling day to day operations of employees and obstructing in-time access to various application (internal as well as cloud). The client was in a dire need of a self-service administrative IT features to automate access governance.

The key issues faced by the client for which Avancer’s intervention was sought were:

  • The client required Certification, manage multi-trusted source ADP, AD & MSOW and integrated various source including AD, Exchange, Cerner, Star, Kronos, Alere & ECW
  • Access was not monitored and audit reports were not created
  • Automated provisioning to many target systems was sought including integration of Identities with credentialing systems
  • Assessment of current Identity Management processes and product selection
  • Birthright Access and Out of band exception through workflows were to be placed
  • Achieve compliance to regulations including HIPAA

Avancer’s Intervention | In order to gain strong foothold of the situation, Avancer assessed the technical, execution and strategy specific loopholes.

The challenges were well identified and placed into the system. Avancer took a strategic look at the problems through a series of discussions with various teams at the client’s end. After an elaborate discussion, Avancer’s suggested following set of solutions:

  • Implementation of Oracle Identity Manager WebLogic application server platform and manage IAM functions.
  • Integration with trusted systems – ADP human resources management software, MSOW credentialing software, Active Directory
  • Implementation of Provisioning solution with the target systems – AD, Exchange, Cerner, Kronos, McKesson Star, eClinicalWorks EMR, WebLogic HIE
  • Custom written healthcare related connectors: Cerner, Primes, Kronos
  • Implementation of Identity Management Processes – user mgmt., password mgmt., account mgmt., Identity Certification and Identity Based reporting
  • Get Certification – manage multi-trusted source by integrating various source including AD, Exchange, Cerner, Star, Kronos, Alere & ECW

End Results | On completion of the project, the client was able to realise the benefits of IAM Technology in terms of optimisation of resources, compliance and seamless automation.

The project completed with the implementation of solutions and services. It led to following results:

  • Enhanced Business performance: Integration of enterprise resources, custom connection points to various applications, role-based automated provisioning and de-provisioning based on rules, attestation of resources, password synchronization, extensive customization
  • Achieved Operational Efficiency: Automated on-boarding, off-boarding, and transfer
  • Cost reduction by bringing down manual intervention: Reduced dependency on support team for password and access management
  • Achieve compliance to ongoing regulations in healthcare space to ensure patient health records were safeguarded and information is secured

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