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One of America’s top healthcare providers with a user base exceeding 50,000 associated with Avancer Corporation.

The Client: A major Hospital based in Chicago

The client, a major healthcare services provider, with a task of managing a base of over 50,000 users that includes clinical staff, medical specialists, administrative staff and management wanted to achieve robust automation working through 24×7 basis. The technological integration had to be achieved along with dealing with following set of challenges.

  • Password Management: As the healthcare provider had 50,000 user based (including over 10,000 clinical staff), the administrative IT had been struggling with truckloads of requests related to password retrieval.
  • Minimizing Manual Intervention: Employee (Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory and Clinical staff and interns) turnover rate in hospitals are high, the administrative task of manual on-boarding and off-boarding, recording leaves has created a lot of hard to manage paper trials and loss of productivity. IT Admin’s support cost as the client could not afford to compromise the efficiency of healthcare processes.
  • Achieving Regulatory Compliance: Setting up a structure to ensure that HIPAA Regulatory compliance is adhered to and patient information is safeguarded by adopting right set of technological features.
  • Setting up a Robust Access Governance framework: The client found that the frequency of employees moving from one department has increased and therefore the roles assigned to them keep changing, governing the access related algorithm appeared like a big challenge to the client.

Avancer’s Intervention

Avancer took a strategic look at the challenges faced by the client. Keeping in mind the existing challenges, deadlocks and future considerations, Avancer took on the project and focused at minimizing manual intervention in IAM initiatives.

Avancer suggested following Identity and Access Management Technical approach to enable client deal with existing set of challenges as well as achieve robust automation:

  • Oracle Platform Solution: Oracle Identity Manager along with Oracle DB on JBoss application server platform to consolidate IT infrastructures, support current and future systems.
  • Used PeopleSoft HR and User Management Connectors: Tailored for four other PeopleSoft modules, AD and AD Password Sync connectors.
  • Customized Healthcare Connectors for applications such as Cerner, Primes and Kronos to pave way for better inter-application communication.

End Results

On completion of the project, the client was able to realize benefits of IAM Technology in terms of optimization of resources and seamless automation.

  • Achieved Information Automation: Integration of enterprise resources, custom connection point to various other application.
  • Access Controls and Regulatory Compliance: Role based automated provisioning and de-provisioning based on rules, attestation of resources and password synchronization and extensive customization based on business rules.
  • Administrative Automation: Reduced dependency on support team for password management, access management etc.
  • Employee Lifecycle Management: On-boarding of new employee and transfer of employee among multiple department process is streamline and happens now in matter of couple of hours.
Identity & Access Governance Solution

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