Avancer’s Identity Bridge – An Edge over Conventional IAM.

Identity Bridge brings – Smart and Quick Integration, Effective Automation, and Cost-effective Process Flow!

Exploring the world of Identity Governance with Avancer’s Identity Bridge

Continuously evolving technology demands make enterprise identities vulnerable to cyber attacks in numerous ways. Moreover, managing all of them in a streamlined manner is way tougher than one can imagine due to the diverse nature of IT ecosystems. Some applications and identities lie on-premise whereas some might occupy space over a hybrid or cloud system. So, for streamlining the user identities and manage their access controls within a dedicated IAM system calls for Identity Bridge. Identity Bridge offers intelligent and faster integration between various healthcare, financial, HR/AD or any third-party applications and IAM systems for cost-effective and high performing solutions. It establishes communications between legacy and IAM systems within an enterprise – irrespective of their compatibility restrictions within any hybrid IT ecosystem.
Let’s explore what Identity Bridge has in store for you:

What Identity Bridge Does?

For enterprise identity security issues Identity Bridge provides a set up that brings together different IAM systems available on-premise or over the cloud. The icing on the cake is, if you have no IAM system onboard it takes over that role too. By resolving integration challenges, it provides automated IAM solutions for your enterprise.

Here are the salient features of Identity Bridge:

Role-based Standardized Access Management

Protocol-based Access Governance

Synchronized Communication between IAM platforms

Consistent User Provisioning and Federation

Enhanced Controls with Task Monitoring & Reporting

Comprehensive Audit Compliance

Scheduled & Bulk Provisioning

Why to choose Identity Bridge?

Most enterprises’ IT ecosystems house their Identity Management systems in sync with their legacy systems. Eventually, the legacy system and IdM along with various other applications are imbibed with each other like a unified entity. But with the introduction of cloud infrastructure, it becomes essential to have the on-premise and cloud infrastructures to work in sync with each other.

The lack of such options forced IdM functionalities to be manually managed with complex custom integrations in the process. To answer all these issues Identity Bridge came into the picture. It supports a wide range of integrations with applications such as Epic, Cerner, Okta, SailPoint, Salesforce, AD, HR systems and a lot more!


How to Eliminate Integration Challenges across IdM platforms with Identity Bridge?

Being an effective IdM solution Identity Bridge resolves challenges of IAM platforms integration within any enterprise hybrid IT ecosystem.

Here are the various ways Identity Bridge adopts to fix the IdM integration issues:
  • Eliminating the incompatible platform integration glitches:
    As on-prem and cloud IdM solutions co-habit the enterprise IT landscape it becomes essential to have application integrators to establish communication between devices, users and application-based endpoints. Identity Bridge enables customization depending on your IdM product and enterprise requirement.
  • Facilitating consistent security and compliance norms:
    It is paramount to maintain a perfect balance between compliance, security, and operations during IdM integration for your desired set of application integrators. A slight glitch in your IT ecosystem might lead to a serious breach of security. With Identity Bridge we offer a technologically advanced integrator capable of rendering the most agile and user-friendly solutions in a secured mannered. It facilitates audit compliance without compromising to align with the global IT infrastructure.
  • Feature centric IT investments:
    In enterprises, hidden costs cropping up every now and then in the IT ecosystem seems is a pain in the neck for the finance department. Identity Bridge eliminates the hassle of managing complex IdM systems with additional IT product requirements. Moreover, the smooth integrations allow your employees to work within a cost-effective, streamlined, and integrated environment with ease.

No matter what kind of environment your applications are in (cloud, private/public, web or mobile-based, customer-facing or internal) identity security is paramount. Identity Bridge offers a secure and streamlined environment to smartly manage your enterprise identity and access controls at their best.