Come to think of what went on my mind last week, as I savored a cup of hot chocolate, and looked out at snow laden gardens. It was not just a praise for how beautifully nature takes on, it was my time of throwback and, where are we headed? Technology ... Read More
12/30/2016Rajesh Mittal
In 2016, we’ve witnessed a number of major IT developments and trends, all of which had a significant effect on defining businesses. Be it evolution in mobile or cloud technologies, or development of newer technologies like IoT and smart devices, several technological expansions made headway into mainstream adoption this year. ... Read More
12/15/2016Team Avancer
It has been increasingly observed that companies are moving towards managing their IAM projects in-house, rather than engaging an outside vendor. Although, the step has its own merits, starting with gaining greater control over project delivery and saving cost in the short-run, for a long-term perspective, such a move could ... Read More
11/23/2016Team Avancer
Before we point at the magic word, Big Data – let’s talk a bit about the volume of data, financial services sector is also facing the challenge of managing the data in a secure manner. API’s are just one aspect of data transfer, but it is important to be ... Read More
11/22/2016Rajesh Mittal
An absolute nightmare for an IT security professional is when protected data is accessed by unauthorized personnel. While passwords, firewalls and other basic protection methods are becoming easily ‘hackable’, organizations are seen shifting towards Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which includes voice callbacks, SMSes and OTPs, to combat the issue. Although, MFA has ... Read More
09/19/2016Rajesh Mittal
A cyber breach – an incident in which hackers gain access to vital commercial or customer cyber systems – can come with a big price tag for your small business. In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer ... Read More
08/23/2016Team Avancer
Not a day goes by without news and reports around cyber-attacks. High-profile, high-impact cyber breaches are becoming common. IDC’s Health Insights group predicts that 1 in 3 health care recipients will be the victim of a health care data breach in 2016. Healthcare providers (including insurance providers) must encrypt personal ... Read More
08/19/2016Team Avancer
Financial industry is driven by data from user details, transactions, account details, payment information, access governance, vendor management and so on. For financial organizations, having a strong plan to defend against cyber-attacks and creating an action based process to deal with a potential attack are crucial. Getting basics in place, ... Read More
08/18/2016Team Avancer
Einstein famously defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We may relate this saying with redundant and repeated functions/processes that companies continue to follow including archaic security strategies while data breaches or data breaches. There are cases guiding IT security strategists to ... Read More
07/28/2016Rajesh Mittal
While patient management system is an integral part of providing efficient healthcare services, data protection laws make it mandatory to provide reasonable safeguards to protect patient information from inappropriate use or disclosure. With the growing number of apps, along with volumes of data to manage, healthcare providers are swamped with ... Read More
07/27/2016Team Avancer
Being rich in information, the healthcare industry has become one of the most vulnerable industries. It is being targeted by cyber-criminals as it contains information ranging from an individuals’ personal information credit information to protected health information (PHI) – all in one place. It translates into a high return when ... Read More
07/22/2016Rajesh Mittal
Why financial institutions must gang-up against cybercriminals
If the data resting with a financial organization is breached – for cyber criminals it is like hitting a jackpot! The financial sector is one of the top targets for cyber criminals. Over past few years, banks and financial organizations have been subjected to a barrage of cyberattacks. There are more ... Read More
07/07/2016Team Avancer