The demands of business ecosystem have never ceased to increase. This has further increased challenges related to maintenance of secured IT environment across various IT touchpoints. In addition, technological integration should supplement organizations’ fundamental need to operate in a seamless manner. Each aspect of IT and related implementation or integration ... Read More
06/08/2016Team Avancer
The growth of mobile devices, social media and big data have resulted in companies relying heavily on outsourced IT and cloud services. Thereby, the focus towards privileged access for third-parties is also gaining prominence, helping companies to minimize risks of data theft and violation of compliance regulations. Traditionally, most of the ... Read More
06/04/2016Team Avancer
With a spike in cyber-attacks, financial services firms are leveraging innovative tools for combating this threat. Companies are now looking at improving security programs, using technologies such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), cloud-based cyber-security, Biometrics, Big Data Analytics, Privilege Account Management (PAM), together with advanced authentication. According to a ... Read More
05/30/2016Rajesh Mittal
Typically, IAM solutions bring IT Security intelligence and work-flow operational efficiency. A poorly implemented and integrated IAM system is clearly not optimized for security, identity and access related capabilities. A theft can go unnoticed or detected late, this stands true even for organizations that have well integrated security capabilities in ... Read More
05/27/2016Team Avancer
Corporate insiders could be initiators of security breaches – dormant or active! Knowingly or unknowingly they might push out information that is meant to be kept locked-up and protected inside IT systems.This is not to suggest that you must not trust your people. However it is important to set the ... Read More
05/13/2016Rajesh Mittal
Financial sector has evolved into a digitally capable, technologically savvy industry. It has also embraced various breakthroughs in IT Security while maintaining robust workflow based operations. Harnessing mobile technology to better consumer engagement in a secure manner is a revolution we are witnessing in the present times. Banking and financial ... Read More
04/28/2016Team Avancer
… and how to fix them. If you belong to healthcare IT Security, I urge you to do this. Open a search engine and type recent breach in healthcare information security. Go ahead and move to news tab of your search engine. Alarmed! Right? Interestingly cyber-crime including the ones reported recently in Washington, ... Read More
04/25/2016Rajesh Mittal
The financial services market, including the banking sector, is monitored at Federal and State levels, and is subjected to various regulations. There are four main regulatory bodies at Federal level, namely – the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the Office of the ... Read More
04/20/2016Team Avancer
Is it time to bid adieu to passwords and say hola to fingerprints? Are we finally moving towards a virtual world where the human body could be the key for accessing physical or virtual systems? Will biometrics sound the death knell on passwords or are we speculating a plot of ... Read More
04/04/2016Rajesh Mittal
Telecom companies essentially work with a large user base that spans across national boundaries. The users believe that the telecom system can be relied upon for various transactions that could be financial or sensitive in nature. Within the telecom industry the digital identities created and access governance algorithm is very ... Read More
03/28/2016Team Avancer
Great experience is a journey, not a destination. Here is a question – If Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology Integration is a Journey, how far have you reached? The same applies to availing benefits from the IAM technology. IAM tech integration is a journey. You cannot stop at one ... Read More
03/22/2016Rajesh Mittal
As per data released by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), during 2015 (as of December 1, 2015), out of the total data breaches reported, around 35 per cent were from the medical/healthcare industry. Although, the total breaches stood at 717, and medical/healthcare industry saw breaches of 248 during the ... Read More
02/05/2016Rajesh Mittal