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With the business landscape becoming more interconnected, and software development increasingly relying on third-party and open-source components, importance of application security testing is also gaining prominence. Further, cloud adoption has multiplied potential vulnerabilities, making applications prime … Read More

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Access to the cloud for running business and managing applications has made life easier for organizations. Undoubtedly, the exceptionally convenient cloud environment helps you identify the data security risks and safely vault the confidential data. Cloud governance is adopted, managed, and regulated to enhance … Read More

Cloud technology has come a long way. As businesses express their concerns over security considerations in a cloud environment, cloud operators come up with a befitting solution. Examples of this proactive approach include Single tenancy on the (private) cloud, Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE), Ensuring Data in Motion, …
These are … Read More

Avancer: progress, to move forward, to advance. This is a quality that hold very dear to multiple large enterprises and companies around the world. When companies find themselves needing a spark, a change in the status quo, pivoting is necessary. To pivot, … Read More

As commonly known, API stands for application programming interface, that helps bring together a wide range of business services in order to facilitate organizational growth. Similarly, an Identity API is a well-defined HTTP/S based service that makes everything from a single focused … Read More