As an important emerging Tech Trend for 2016, new age cloud-enabled technologies will continue to push the envelope, while traditional solutions may keep their footing in the fast converting market place. Internet-of-things (IoT) devices, mobile apps and complex networks will keep the tech security space evolving – with SSO expanding ... Read More
12/18/2015Rajesh Mittal
By their very nature, IT network of educational/ academic institutions are used by a large number of transient users. One of the examples of a transient user is an aspiring student who fills up an application and use parent’s credit card to make the payment. Such details are stored in ... Read More
10/23/2015Team Avancer
As the need & acceptance for 24×7 connectivity grows in both the personal & professional lives of the burgeoning corporate professionals all over the globe – a large number of organizations are now in need of enterprise-wide mobility. Such a business model requires intelligent application stores with a strong suite ... Read More
10/20/2015Rajesh Mittal
A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is someone who has climbed up to a senior-level executive role within an organization. The key responsibility is to establish, protect and maintain enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets are protected through the right set of technological interventions. With time, the ... Read More
10/07/2015Team Avancer
The demand of business today is to allow data on the go and the Internet of Everything is catching up fast – these are areas of concern for the keepers of cyber security. Usage of mobile devices has been higher, tablets are only extending the purview of handheld devices. Many ... Read More
09/29/2015Team Avancer
As cyber thefts focus more on is looking at cracking through super users and regulatory requirements revolve around big data, ignoring either big data or super users can prove disastrous. Finding creative, innovative ways of breaking into data treasures, and hacking is today’s reality. Privileged account management has been critical ... Read More
09/14/2015Rajesh Mittal
Businesses that are able to implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology in the right way are promised big rewards. However, CIOs and decision makers need to gain perspective on IAM implementation and make sure that their approach is progressive to get the best out of their IAM investment. A ... Read More
09/01/2015Team Avancer
Despite being pegged as an intuitive and intelligent system, Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation remains a struggle for many. IAM assist the in the creation of a secure IT System with an improved ability to automatically detect threats and cyber risks. Organizations can achieve maximum information security. Improved security ... Read More
08/26/2015Rajesh Mittal
Healthcare, being a social sector is designed for public access and traditionally has not considered enforcing safeguards. An effective way to approach HIPAA compliance in a healthcare establishment is by ensuring that any myth related to the regulation is defied. It becomes crucial to gain deep knowledge about the regulations. ... Read More
08/18/2015Team Avancer
Did you receive a request for approval lately? Is that request lying on your inbox unattended? Is there any further clarification (or worse – a series of clarifications) required to process that request – perhaps a policy consideration which might require intervention of a super senior resource? What if you ... Read More
08/13/2015Team Avancer
When I think of government enacted legislation, I remember the famous quote from one of the influential humanist philosophers, Marsilio Ficino, “Everything in nature is either a cause aimed at you or the consequence made by you”. With the history behind us on the Enron accounting scandal and the future ... Read More
08/06/2015Team Avancer
IT security best practice keeps evolving, regardless of whether businesses claim that they are well aware of them. Furthermore, this knowledge is of little benefit if pre-empted actions to prevent mishaps are not taken. With IT infrastructures within companies becoming increasingly complex, it is becoming all the more important for ... Read More
07/25/2015Team Avancer