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Avancer: progress, to move forward, to advance. This is a quality that hold very dear to multiple large enterprises and companies around the world. When companies find themselves needing a spark, a change in the status quo, pivoting is necessary. To pivot, means to shift, and this shift is the cornerstone of rebranding efforts. To pivot, means to shift a paradigm or way of thinking, to change the efforts being put forth by the current brand. But it also can mean a shift in the services or solutions offered by a company or brand. Basically changing a brands modus operandi.  

Previously known as Amerindia, Avancer was a company with traditional solutions and fragmented services. But as Avancer, we look to change that. Our IAM solutions and services are revitalized, offering everything that is innovative, client centric, and fully integrated to ensure delivery of next generation identity and access management systems.  Amerindia focused on the product, Avancer looks to focus entirely on the client and tailor any product at our disposal to a client’s finite needs. And the services, are integrated and solidified instead of being fragmented across. The cornerstone of Avancer’s solutions is Identity-as-a-Service, a strong suit for Avancer. This all attests to the re-branding efforts that are being put forth.

However, re-branding doesn’t always mean were changing everything. It’s like changing the face of an already established company who works with every industry. Avancer is skillfully adept to handling healthcare companies, financial companies, and manufacturing companies as well, while still remaining client-centric and extremely helpful. We also still specialize in all things Identity and Access management, and offer plenty of services including but not limited to; managed services, advisory services and assessment implementation. We look to keep doing what we do best, but at the same time change our efforts to market to a wider audience.

Lastly, re-branding has particular values that fall under its umbrella.  First off, our logo was specially designed to catch the eye but at the same time use colors that encompass the traits of our hardworking staff. Red for the passionate. Orange for the creative, enthusiastic, and the confident. And black, for the professional, the bold, the elegant, and the sophisticated. Without these traits, we wouldn’t be before you today, re-branding our efforts. 

Avancer looks to instill all of our re-branding efforts mixed in with Amerindia’s long standing stature to create the brand that will take us into the future. For more information please visit or reach out to us via social media and learn more today.

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Avancer Corporation is a systems integrator focusing on State of Art Identity and Access Management technology. With over a decade of experience of integrating IAM solutions for world’s leading corporations we bring you some insights through our articles on Avancer Corporation’s Official Blog


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