Share This Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Email Your browser does not support theaudio element. As cloud offers a wider room for scaling, Serverless Application are an extension of the benefits cloud has to offer. Serverless is just a pun, in the backend the cloud ... Read More
04/04/2018Rajesh Mittal
Impactful healthcare/hospital workflows depend on swift functioning of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems such as EPIC, Cerner, Kronos, and other systems. These applications are created to bring ease in management of health records. However, many healthcare clients have shared challenges in managing identities and streamline accesses on EMR Systems. The source ... Read More
03/21/2018Team Avancer
Are you facing challenges while managing identities on EPIC Systems in your organization? Typically, when an establishment relies too much on an application – strategic foresight in terms of aligning the application with business requirements needs to be just on the spot. Many healthcare establishments rely on EPIC Systems for ... Read More
03/05/2018Team Avancer
Starting with the impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for USA based business houses – PCI DSS compliant organizations will not have to struggle, however it is better to get an expert opinion and be sure about it. Overall GDPR revolves around managing compliance risks, protecting sensitive data and ... Read More
02/02/2018Team Avancer
I had an amazing discussion on my thoughts shared on Hybrid IT with few of you. One important challenge that was identified was unifying identities in a Hybrid setup. No doubt, identities drive IT processes in an enterprise setup, unification of identities thus becomes an important aspect of IT processes. ... Read More
01/16/2018Team Avancer
Technology is a disruptive game, we discover something new with each passing minute. Businesses are out in the race, they are ready to embrace technology to be closer to business goals, automation and achieve competitive advantage. However, this cannot ignore the security climate associated with new technologies. It is, therefore, ... Read More
01/02/2018Rajesh Mittal