With a spike in cyber-attacks, financial services firms are leveraging innovative tools for combating this threat. Companies are now looking at improving security programs, using technologies such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), cloud-based cyber-security, Biometrics, Big Data Analytics, Privilege Account Management (PAM), together with advanced authentication. According to a ... Read More
05/30/2016Rajesh Mittal
Typically, IAM solutions bring IT Security intelligence and work-flow operational efficiency. A poorly implemented and integrated IAM system is clearly not optimized for security, identity and access related capabilities. A theft can go unnoticed or detected late, this stands true even for organizations that have well integrated security capabilities in ... Read More
05/27/2016Team Avancer
Corporate insiders could be initiators of security breaches – dormant or active! Knowingly or unknowingly they might push out information that is meant to be kept locked-up and protected inside IT systems.This is not to suggest that you must not trust your people. However it is important to set the ... Read More
05/13/2016Rajesh Mittal