Why to choose healthcare identity management?

Health is one of the most precious assets for people and healthcare records are equally valuable. The number of healthcare records are way higher than that of the credit card numbers available in the black market. There are people who steal healthcare data and get hold of the home addresses, social security numbers, as well as the health histories. Using these information miscreants can misuse your health-insurance and also infringe other valuable records making you vulnerable to financial losses as well. Moreover, there is the threat of identity theft which requires a healthcare identity management solution to be in action.

A number of entities get these health records through various channels which makes securing them a task on priority. Apart from maintaining appropriate patient records, an IAM for healthcare ensures the

employees within the organization have right access to the right entities and resources. For example, a nurse should get access to certain records of a patient whereas a physician should have more access than that of a nurse. If a traditional IAM doesn’t serve your purpose, you have the upper hand by implementing Avancer IAM or pick Avancer healthcare IAM integrator for that matter. In this blog, we are going to put light on how identity and access management in healthcare brings in change.

How does data breach occur in healthcare?
Majority of data breaches reported so far are related to identity theft. The figures are pretty disturbing and higher than that of the finance sector. The data breaches in the healthcare sector are common with almost 90% of the organization, though few of them implement ineffective and low-cost data encryption techniques. Around 195,000 deaths occur annually in the United States due to medical errors and 60% of them are because of wrong patient identification. Inaccuracy of patient identification is caused due to misspellings, common names, patient language barriers, phonetic spellings and frauds. Duplicate and incomplete medical records also result in potential delays in patient care. This ultimately calls for identity and access management in healthcare.

How patient identity management is eased with healthcare identity management?
Healthcare identity and access management solution minimizes identity and access management for patients by eliminating improper management and identity errors. Moreover, IAM for healthcare enhances operational efficiency while boosting the security intelligence within the healthcare organization. Optimized access and security capabilities with IAM solutions leverage the overall performance of the healthcare organization’s IT ecosystem.

Healthcare identity and access management takes care of the loopholes in healthcare management and standardize health records of patients. Moreover, employee management along with their roles and accesses are authorized through IAM solutions for healthcare.

Here are the top reasons for adapting to identity and access management in healthcare:

  1. Access-based auditing and reporting:
    IAM automates access control records for IT admins in enterprises as well as healthcare organizations. The audit process is also streamlined with accuracy as there is no need of manual record keeping with an IAM at work.
  2. Minimal manual intervention:
    Robust automation is provided to the IT ecosystem in terms of help desk access, password management, notification mechanism for requests, and Single-Sign-On (SSO) etc. This in turn eliminates the need for manual intervention. No additional resources required to manage the IAM.
  3. Better connectivity with multiple healthcare apps:
    Having a proficient IAM solution for means it should be able to communicate between multiple healthcare apps such as Epic, Cerner, Keane, AllScripts etc. Right integration between incompatible applications in the healthcare industry removes duplicity and synchronizes everything. Avancer IAM connector enables such facilities to healthcare organizations.
  4. Protected patient EHRs:
    When it comes to electronic health records (EHRs) an IAM solutions syncs all identities and organizes them the best possible way to prevent any conflicts within them in a unique way. They are monitored stringently to have a check on who accesses what information.
  5. Fast on-boarding:
    An effective IAM facilitates quick on-boarding by seamlessly managing identities and their move within the organization, such as someone being promoted or shifting another location or department, new employees getting access to systems on their first day itself, exit processes revoking all accesses at once and lot more.

How Avancer changes the game with managed IAM solutions for healthcare?
Avancer IAM solutions allow you in tracking, linking, identifying and managing the EHRs of patients across diverse electronic systems in the healthcare industry. It facilitates quick logins to multiple workstations and applications using Single-Sign-On (SSO), effective provisioning and automation for new users to access applications, protects sensitive clinical data by quick access revoking on employee exit, role-based access to clinical applications to prevent unauthorized use, and integrates shared patient data across applications for better treatment as mentioned above. Moreover, Avancer IAM has IAM integrators that establish an effective communication between incompatible medical applications to make EHRs transparent and enhance the existing governance process. In addition to that comprehensive assessment done for all the services delivered to you by Avancer.

Avancer healthcare IAM connectors enable better communication between multiple healthcare applications. Managed IAM services from Avancer takes care of system operations, administration, management and maintenance, infrastructure defect support and application break-fixes are also offered for a smooth IT ecosystem for healthcare organizations.

Managing the multiple security aspects within your enterprise healthcare IT system is a tough task. Reach out to us and let our experts help you in fixing all your healthcare identity management troubles away with Avancer IAM solution!


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