IdM VM Image: How does it help?

Let’s start with what is IdM VM Image?

In order to have a smooth functioning of IDM technology, the backend, front end and middleware needs to interact with each other. Therefore when an organization’s ecosystem is to bring Identity and Access Management technology, VM Image helps in simplifying the task.

IAM solutions requires components with various versions to synchronise with the many features of IAM such as Provisioning, de-provisioning, SSO, Federated Access, Access Governance, Mobile Access… Depending on the requirements of the system, the complexity of existing IAM system that needs to be upgraded or a fresh system, keeps on increasing.

Here are three key factors that indicate how such a customized VM Image solution helps:

  1. Attends to the niche competency in IAM 
    IdM is a niche skill, organizations possess limited in-house resources to tackle the challenge of skill shortage related to IdM Technology. Without skill competency, it becomes complex and frustrating to install and maintain new applications; compounding IDM component integration challenge. VM Image minimises the need for skill competencies. It helps in doing away complexity of communicating amongst specific solutions releases, bringing technology, network and database on the same platform. Most organizations run on a few important applications, VMware makes IT simpler to manage and use, in a highly reliable and value for money way.
  2. Value addition with expertise and skills implementing IDM solutions.
    VM Image brings specialization on allowing integration of unscheduled updates and patches to add new features. It also fixes problems related to system’s competency and dependency issues. An intervention from a specialist (ie Customised VM Images) can also help corporates to configure as per their unique needs. It includes selecting right components, right versions with the right patches for deployment of IAM solutions. The VM Image solutions provides instant upgrades to and enables the system to take a leap to IAM deployment processes.
  3. A pre-configured VM mage drops implementation times by 60 percent.
    Time required to do proof of concepts, pilot runs and readiness for demo etc. can be done away with. Creation of a new platform from the scratch is a timely exercise, on an average takes 4 to 6 months just for the creation of requisite platform, before deployment IAM technology. VM image can be tailored to the needs to businesses, while resources focus on strategic issues such as individual competency, business modelling & information dependency issues.

Avancer’s VM Image Solutions are ready to use resources that can greatly impact an enterprises’ IAM deployment timelines.

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