With the introduction of innovation in technology, a range of security layers rightly get integrated in IT Systems. As conventional security systems cannot address today’s dangerous threat landscape alone – introduction of network forensics and big data analytics is made to capture, process and analyze any security loophole. Furthermore, experts ... Read More
06/28/2017Team Avancer
The Internet of Things (IoT) has started to impact the way we function and in the way businesses are conducted. Top industry bodies have made progressive claims on the scope and proliferation of IoT enabled capabilities. A few highlights of IoT proliferation and market share estimates include: IoT is expected to ... Read More
06/21/2017Team Avancer
Any unknown application, device or IT specific service brought into the IT Systems that is not known to the IT departments can pose a security risk. The risk proposition is based on the premise that these application/device/service are not screened through the on-boarding process, thereby making an entry in the ... Read More
06/12/2017Rajesh Mittal