Despite being pegged as an intuitive and intelligent system, Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation remains a struggle for many. IAM assist the in the creation of a secure IT System with an improved ability to automatically detect threats and cyber risks. Organizations can achieve maximum information security. Improved security ... Read More
08/26/2015Rajesh Mittal
Healthcare, being a social sector is designed for public access and traditionally has not considered enforcing safeguards. An effective way to approach HIPAA compliance in a healthcare establishment is by ensuring that any myth related to the regulation is defied. It becomes crucial to gain deep knowledge about the regulations. ... Read More
08/18/2015Team Avancer
Did you receive a request for approval lately? Is that request lying on your inbox unattended? Is there any further clarification (or worse – a series of clarifications) required to process that request – perhaps a policy consideration which might require intervention of a super senior resource? What if you ... Read More
08/13/2015Team Avancer
When I think of government enacted legislation, I remember the famous quote from one of the influential humanist philosophers, Marsilio Ficino, “Everything in nature is either a cause aimed at you or the consequence made by you”. With the history behind us on the Enron accounting scandal and the future ... Read More
08/06/2015Team Avancer