IT security best practice keeps evolving, regardless of whether businesses claim that they are well aware of them. Furthermore, this knowledge is of little benefit if pre-empted actions to prevent mishaps are not taken. With IT infrastructures within companies becoming increasingly complex, it is becoming all the more important for ... Read More
07/25/2015Team Avancer
Many organizations look at limited functionality when implementing IAM solutions and they do not understand the implications of such a lackadaisical approach on their infrastructure and architecture. The benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) are acclaimed to bring down integration costs, enable greater asset reuse, and arm IT to respond more ... Read More
07/10/2015Rajesh Mittal
Quite a few features of Identity and Access Management Technology are not known to IT decision-makers. All they understand is a raw concept – allowing the right person to enter the office premises and in digital terminology, it is allowing for the right access to the organization’s IT systems. One ... Read More
07/06/2015Team Avancer