Why should all work and no play, dim a sunny day!

Let’s team up for an exciting summer time and hit some birdies! We at Avancer are excited about this fun evening with other IAM experts. Enjoy craft cocktails, delicious appetizers, casual evening and network over the teeing ground! Isn’t that interesting?

Drafting your IAM blueprint in a fun way!

Rajesh Mittal and Arun Mehta, CEOs and Co-founders of Avancer will be discussing about how to strategize your modern IAM transition. You’ll have a relaxed evening while understanding modern security trends over few drinks, relishing mouth-watering delicacies and socializing.
We bring this unique opportunity to know more about IAM, IdM, Managed Cloud IAM Services etc. from our IAM key players outside the typical corporate setup, in a fun-filled party environment!

Complete the form and reserve a spot to hit a birdie today. Hurry up! We have limited free space!

Event insights at Topgolf

Date and Time: Thursday, July 25, 5:00 Pm onwards
Venue: Topgolf Edison, New Jersey

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    5:00 PMComplementary appetizers and drinks
    5:15 PMPresentation: (How to strategize your modern IAM setup – Rajesh Mittal/Arun Mehta – the topic is just a sample)
    6:00 PMFun in the driving range along with open networking

    Avancer: Simplified IT Security

    Avancer is a proficient IT Security solution provider to a wide range of niches. We cater to IAM, managed services, consulting services, integrations, advisory, implementations etc. in the identity management and governance spectrum. Be it on-premise or over the cloud security solutions, Avancer has an edge over their counterparts. We believe in transitioning your enterprise security to a much simpler yet secure place and help you harness the best in business. Turning risks into opportunities is what we are devoted at by improving agility in your business.